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Barry Toseland
Standard Class
VK3MIB Australia

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My Ham Radio Interests
Brief History:

I was introduced to amateur radio way back in the mid 1970's by two local amateurs at the time who are now silent key, the first was a local business man who run all Collins equipment and I would listen to him for long period on an old Army receiver that I bought from a surplus store. The second gentleman was closer to home and was quite a remarkable amateur and really peaked my interest. Have been involved in radio communications off and on over the last 35 years, but its been in the last 15 years I have become to make some serious in roads into the hobby.

Location: (Lat -38.097042, Lon 144.326003, QF21dv )

Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria with a population approx 250,000 and located approximately 75 kilometers south west of the capital Melbourne. I am located approximately 8 kms from Geelong CBD where I overlook the city and the bay. This is advantageous for HF , VHF & UHF operation.


HF antennas Doublet antenna fed with balanced feedline at 30 feet.

23cm, at this time with a 2/910H on this band and two grid pack dishes, one horizontal and one vertical.

Currently work a colleague on 23cm who is approximately 90 kilometers east of me with constant signals of around 59+20, summer conditions can provide FSD with 1w.

40 m as a HF band holds my interest and generally weekends I can be found at the top end of the band from 7.1500 upwards.

Active on 80, 40,20,2(FM & SSB), 70cm, 23cm(FM & SSB).

The Shack:

Due to the equipment I have formed the op's desk into an L shape one side is dedicated to V/UHF operations the other side to HF operations

My motto : FORTI NIHIL DIFFICILE - "To the Strong Nothing is Difficult."




COLLINS: 32S3A, 75S3B,62S1, 30L-1
ICOM: 910H x 2


HF Doublet -(Homebrew)

14 element 2m Yagi (SSB)

3element 2m Yagi ( FM ) - (Homebrew)

Half wave vertical dipole for 6m ( Homebrew )

2 x Diamond Verticals for 2m / 70cm

2 x 23cm dish ( 1 FM & 1 SSB )

Other Interests
First and foremost my family and then when I am in the shack which is located away from the house, life's little indulgences (budget permitting and XYL !) Cuban Cigars, Single Malt Scotch, Imported British and Belgium Beer.

I enjoy the challenge of this hobby attempting to construct items and experiment, I feel we as a hobby have become far to reliant on the off the shelf mentality instead where possible have a go at constructing things eg; powers supplies, antennas, accessories etc.

Family man with 3 daughters and a son, 3 dogs and a guinea pig ! not as crowded as you may think, the girls have all left home just the son now at home. I am employed with the State Government and my wife works for local government.

My motto : NIHIL FORTI DIFFICILE - "To the Strong Nothing is Difficult."

None at this time.

520S glich


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Have a slight problem with my TS520S will rx on 80m but will not tune up there, all other bands are fine checked drive coil for 80m and adjustment from one end of the coil to the other does not show any difference. I have a feeling that it may be a high voltage cap located along the circuit from the drive coil board, has anyone else had the same problem and if so how did they fix it.

Thanks Barry

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