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Bob Peters
Extra Class
W1PE Ham Since 1958
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
My main interest in Ham Radio is Vintage gear and great audio. I take pains to create good audio with no distortion and run high quality audio gear.

FT-2000 W Drake L-7 Amp. Audio is an EV PE-20 into a SHARK DSP Pre-AMP into a ULTRA CURVE PRO EQ to a W2IHY iBOX to the rear mic input. Running the FT2000 in 4KHZ Mode ESSB.

Gates BC1G Broadcast transmitter W SX-101 and 51J2 receivers. Audio is an Heil PR-40 into an Alesus Mixer. EQ into a UREI Limiter to the Gates. Gates is a pair of 833's High Level Modulated witha pair of 833's. I am running about 125% positive peaks and 95% negative peaks monitored with a professional Mod Monitor. With the Spectrum Analizer not more the 6 KHZ wide.

Other Vintage equipment as well...

Other Interests
I am an Ambasider for the US ARMY Freedom Team Salute which honors all US ARMY Vets and there family's. Contact me if you are a US Army vet aor Family of a deceased US ARMY Vet and I will get you your package.

HAM of Mesquite, TX, DARC, QCWA, AMI, DAV, and ARRL Diamond Club.


From W1PE

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Hi All from Bangor, Maine to Mesquite, TX. Just started this Blog. Am 66 years old with a wonderful wife, Jane, and 2 great kitty's Bonnie and Tawney. Bonnie belonged to my son Michael until he ran off the the USCG and left her here. Now he can not afford her due to the rent we charge. Tawney came to us through the Maine Coon Rescue and had been severely mistreated. Now she is the princess and is spoiled to death. My cat 100%.

I still work in the Sound Industry for a company in RI and still have fun working. I never want to retire.

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