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Bill Brown
Advanced Class
KA6KBC Ham Since 1979
United States

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Other Callsigns
None - Kept my Novice Call.

My Ham Radio Interests
I currently live in Yorba Linda, Ca. I was born in Fontana, Ca. My Dad WB6CGN (SK) was a HAM and got me started in Electronics/Radio/SWL, when I was in 5th Grade with SWL and a Crytal Set.

I got my Ticket at Fontana High School (WB6HJJ) 1980 - From Lou Malory WA6DVK. In 1981 I upgraded to Advanced. During College I got out of the hobby then got back into it about 20 years later (started up again in late 2005).

After High School I studied Electronics/General Ed at Chaffey College then went on to get a BS Degree in Electronics from Cal Poly Pomona. I also earned my FCC General Radio Operators License (GROL) after completing my studies. While at Chaffey College, Alta Loma, CA - I was a member of the very inactive Electronics Club Station - WA6EKN. Sorry to say the College does not even have an Electronics Program any more. Was a member of the Cal Poly Pomona Radio Club - WA6GYI. Sorry to say that the Club station now seems to be Inactive.

I have worked as an Electrical Engineer for almost 20 years. I spent a few years in AeroSpace (Rockwell), but most of my time has been in consumer electronics (Hand held Remote controls - Check out we have done some neat products).

These days I'm into Homebrewing and QRP.


Kenwood TS 520S
Kenwood TS 520

Realistic DX-150A - General Coverage Receiver
2 Meter HT
Heathkit HW7
40 Meter Pixie Transceiver

MFJ 941B - Antenna Tuner
MFJ 949D - Antenna Tuner

So far on 40/20 Meters SSB and 40 Meters CW.


My wife and the local area don't like towers and "unsightly" antennas. I have three antennas up today.

a.) 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m Stealth Dipole on my backyard fence about 10 Feet high.

b.) 40m Stealth Dipole on the eave on my house about 20 feet high.

c.) 2M Ground plane inside the garage

d.) 40m Homebrew Tak-antenna or Tak-tenna (See or

Other Interests
Playing Guitar, Current Events, Computers, and Church.

Eagle Scout '79 Troop 512 - Fontana, Ca.

Holcomb Valley Scout Camp - Big Bear Ca - Staff 84, 85, 86, 87, and 88.

WB6HJJ - Fontana High School Radio Club - Former Member

WA6EKN - Chaffey College Radio Club - Former Member

WA6GYI - Cal Poly Pomona Radio Club - Former Member

"Pixie 2" transceiver - Problems ?


3/17/2009 1:30:53 PM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Ran into an interesting problem the other day. I built a Pixie 2 kit awhile back, but have not gotten it on the air yet. I checked it out and the Power output is good (0.5 Watts with a new battery) and the Receiver sensitivity is good (seeing around - 100 dBm).

However - After attempting to put it on the air yesterday I noted a problem - After pressing then releasing the Key to transmit the Receiver breaks into a loud audio oscillation into the headphones. If I press and release the Key it goes away for awhile, but soon starts up again.

I reviewed a few older posts on and think I found the issue. I was using a Carbon Zinc 9V Cell and now moved to an Alkaline Cell. The 0scillation is gone, But I need to test more tonight.

by WB6BYU on August 23, 2008

“…In my published circuit using the LM386 I had to specify the use of an Alkaline 9V battery rather than carbon-zinc due to the need for a low resistance DC supply to keep it from oscillating…”

73’s – Bill – KA6KBC

Read the 2 comments after the break below.


by WY0MN 3/17/2009 7:25:05 PM

Thats extraordinary output from a 9v. The last two I built operate just under the rated 300mW. I've been told that these things can handle 12vdc too, with increased output at the cost of tonal quality, but I haven't tried it.
I send terrible CW without sidetone. I lost my 10m Pixie the other day at work (I think I sent it to the cleaners in my coveralls) so I may build a 17m Tixie to replace it. The Tixie has sidetone.
You might want to double check your polarities to the jacks, I used single colored wire from the same spool in one of mine and accidentally swapped polarity to one of the monaural jacks. (I used the same style of jack for battery, key, aerial and earbud.) It oscillated like crazy!

by Bill , KA6KBC. 3/18/2009 9:22:12 AM

Hi Lex,

I must say I get the 0.5 Watt with a Very new 9V Cell (Only). I also fussed with the transistors and cherry picked the best out the 50 or so in my junk box.

Have you managed to make any QSO's with the Pixie ? So far I have not had much luck, but still trying.

73's - Bill - KA6KBC

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