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Larry McNeely
Extra Class
W5LJM Ham Since 1995
United States

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Other Callsigns
KC5NOD - 1995 to 2004;

My Ham Radio Interests
2 mtr. FM and sometimes SSB; building homebrew antennas; 20 mtrs. during daytime and 80 mtrs. at night (sometimes). I am patiently waiting for the 10 mtr. band to open full swing to participate in the 10-10 international activities again. I enjoy attending an occasional Field Day event and working Kid's Day when possible.
I will get pics of my present, humble little shack as soon as I get it cleaned up a little. It's really not that messy - it's "comfortable"!

I truly have nothing to brag about.
It's just good to have the companionship here.
One day I will win the lottery and be able to brag like the rich and wealthy.
Yaesu FT-7800R dual band mobile;
HTX-212 Radio Shack 2 mtr. mobile;
HTX-10 Radio Shack 25 watt 10 mtr. radio;
ADI AR-147+ 2 mtr. mobile for KC5YYP;
Kenwood TS-120S w/Dentron tuner;

ADI AT-201 2 mtr. HT;
Alinco DJ-195T 2 mtr. HT;
HTX-202 Radio Shack 2 mtr. HT;

MFJ-873 Grandmaster SWR/pwr. meter

Homebrew dipole cut for 3.900 MHz.;
Tram-1490 2 mtr. vertical;
Cushcraft 215WB 15 element 2 mtr. Yagi w/ trigonal reflector; ...

Various Radio Shack handheld scanners and a Uniden mobile scanner.
Radios I have owned:
Drake TR-3
Siltronics 1011C

Other Interests
My wife Linda, is also an amateur radio operator, with a technician license since 1997 (KC5YYP). She doesn't get on the air much except to talk local 2 mtr. simplex with me and the LakeSnake simplex group at Medina Lake.

A short biography is also posted on my profile and on My Web Site listed above.

I am a member of Bandera County ARES w/ several Skywarm classes under my belt and hold a certificate with AACOG (Alamo Area Council of Governments)in storm spotting.
I am an Extra class Volunteer Examiner with the ARRL.
I am a security officer at Methodist Boerne Emergency Center in Boerne, Tx..
Other interest include but not limited to: Fishing for catfish and largemouth bass; karaoke; Pow Wows; playing the guitar;...

I suppose that the most favorite personal ham radio activity that I enjoy is constructing 2 mtr.and 6 mtr. Yagis from damaged TV antennas. The 2 mtr. style may range from 3 elements to 9 elements, depending on the amount of material that is available from the TV antenna(s) that I have. I have actually constructed DFing antennas from them as well.
I usually desing my own QSL cards using MS Paint, Powerpoint and various other simple programs.

San Antonio Radio Club (SARC;
10-10 International;
ex- ARRL (may rejoin if the fees stop going up)

Winter in the Texas Hill Country

From W5LJM

2/1/2009 6:55:54 PM (3 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Bandera County, Tx.
Well, it appears to be a typical winter here, except for the small amount of snow we received in January. It amounted to 1 inch of accumulation and had 3 inch drifts against rocks and walls but nothing on pavement and asphalt.
The temperatures are doing their normal rollercoaster ride of up into the upper 70s and lower 80s then dipping down into the mid to upper 20s, at times.
Spring is just around the corner and I have a feeling the storm season will be pretty active here. Storms should produce their normal flash floods in March and April and in reality, dangerous as they can be, will be a welcome event here for the people to replenish the aquifers and dry lands from drought. Tornados are possible but not probable here. We all have our fingers crossed for some good steady showers this spring.
Wish us luck.

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by W8STU 2/1/2009 9:16:36 PM

Well, You are lucky. We will not see the 70's until the last of April beginning of May and the 80's until June. I can only wish. Can you imagine 70's here in N/E Ohio. That would be a record. Here's hoping and keeping my fingers crossed. Right now we have a foot of snow on the ground. Lex, up North of me even has more. 73, Stuart W8STU

by WY0MN 2/2/2009 4:54:10 AM

Mornin' to the both of ye.
Actually, right now, Stu has more snow than we do. Our wind can sweep miles clear, but hollows and valleys can have several feet.
What the hecks up with 40m? Awoke to S9 across the band, heard one station from 5-land. Gosh knows what kinda watt$ he needed for that!
MUF said 7-8, so I figured to give it a shot...

I love winter, frostbite and all, but I'm ready for spring this year! If I can't have a REAL winter, with much more snow, I'd rather be fencing in my property and plantin' trees. Besides, I miss the 'twin towers' at the cabin. They might be short, but they are still the tallest things around for miles!

Stu, you still running that "mystery" aerial and liking it?
I gave up on getting the Comet at a fair price, I'll probably just put up 4 utility poles, a 160m loop, and keep the tuner (I HATE ATU's!)
The LID's are everywhere! (160m antenna requirements should keep them at a minimum). Heard an OM on 40m, ID'd as a K9-- station, with the moniker of "Dog"; cussing up a blue streak the other night! Sounded as if he needed a good laxative to retrieve his 'moral compass'. He even admitted to being on the freq just to cause 'intentional interference' to some good old boys whom he thought had slighted him... idiocy.

Oh well, gotta dash. Work beacons beckon.
73 and ciao.

by W5LJM 2/3/2009 12:39:03 AM

Hey Stuart and Lex.
We would be grateful for a foot of snow here in the San Antonio area.
I have grandchildren that have never seen a snowflake much less build a snowman or make snow angels or throw a snowball.
I saw plenty of snow when I was a kid and made ice cream with vanilla and snow. I remember that joy as a kid.

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