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Bernie Dekok
General Class
KC9SGV Ham Since 1984
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Amateur Radio.
CW, SSB, Pactor 1, WINMOR, PSKMail, Slow scan TV.
IRLP, Echolink,
Maritime Mobile installations.
Remote HF stations.

Icom 735,
Kenwood TS 520,
Kantronics Kam Plus TNC.
Signalink USB
Dentron Junior antenna tuner.
Yaesu FT212 2M VHF
Radio Shack VHF/UHF scanners.
IRLP node.
PSKMail Server.
Various Windows and Linux computers.
Various power supplies and battery backup for the radios.
G5RV Inverted V antenna for 80 thru 10 M.
Hygain 14 AVQ Vertical antenna.

Other Interests
Racing sailing on Lake Michigan out of Waukegan, IL.

Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net.
Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club (SARC).
Chicago FM Club (CFMC).

Geostationary ham band satellite.


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My latest interest is a ham band GEO satellite for IARU Region 2, sitting over the Americas.
Hopefully we can have a satellite emulating the European QO-100 soon.

Building the ground station, is what every ham can do for his own shack.
COTS parts are readily available and inexpensive.

ADALM Pluto learning module, with a WiFi booster into a old Direct TV dish will work.
So will Minitiouner and TBS5520SE.

Free software, like CrazyScan, FreeDV, Minitioune, etc will be tested.

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