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Alan Jones
Extra Class
W4LGH Ham Since 1965
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Being in Electronics all my life, Ham radio was a natural progression for me. Its been one of the best hobbies I have been involved with, and is forever changing. Always something new to try, and with the marriage of radio and computer, its really opened the doors for new ideas, only dreamed about 25 yrs ago. Now, software definded radios, and who knows whats next.

Please Note, that after 10 years of maintaining I took it off line July 2012! Many thanks to all who visited me there, but like so many other thing in this economy, I had to start cutting back.

Also NOTE: I have a NEW email address:

I have tried to change it in my profile, but it won't let me!!

Mixture of OLD and NEW Equipment:
Yaesu FT-2000
Yaesu FT-897D

Drake 4B Line

Note: I am in a deed restricted community, so no towers or beams! But all in all I think I am doing OK in the antenna dept.

BuckMaster OCF Multiband... Super Antenna
Spi-Ro D-56 5-Band Trap Dipole
40M Dipole..Cut to 7.251Mhz (Southcars)
Parz End-Fed 20M Dipole... Amazing little Antenna!
SGC Autotuner in Attic hooked to a 100' folded dipole for emergency use.

***HF AMPS***

Drake L7... Modified PS w/3240V @ 1amp, New 3-500ZG Tubes. 1500+ Watts!

Comet GP-15 Vertical for 6m/2m/70CM
Diamond X-30A U/VHF in attic for Emergency Use.

Not as active on VHF/UHF, as I used to be. Am an EX-ARES-EC after 4 years, for my county, but still actively involved in SKYWARN at the National Wx Service level.

Other Interests
Motorcycles, Flying, Electronics & Computers.

Enjoy designing and building "homebrew" projects for my shack to make it more functional and user friendly.


Member of Southcars (7.251Mhz) and also an NCS on Saturday Morning from 9am to 10am eastern time.

Ex-ARRL member. ( The Annoying Rotten Radio League ) They don't care about Hams anymore, just their Money! Have become "Big-Business" & Ham radios worst enemy!

NOFARs of Jacksonville, Fl. - Great group of Guys!

Amateur Weather

From W4LGH

6/29/2008 10:34:42 PM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

So do we have any other amateur weather Ham's out there like myself? If so, what type and brand weather system do you use?

I am using an Oregon Scientific WMR-968 with dual screens, one here in shack, and the other is in my bedroom. Also use Weather-Display software to view and keep records on my PC, as well as do LIVE realtime updates of weather conditions on my main Ham Site. (

For Radar, I use StormPredator, which interfaces directly to NOAA's radar info, and will show a bunch of different weather maps on the screen, in almost realtime. A lot of people I know around here are playing with that GRLEVEL-X software, but I can't see where it really displays any different info, but required a lot more user intervention to set it up.

My Oregon Scientific system has been running flawlessly for almost 3 years now. I did lose the rain guage transmitter, but I think a close lightning flash got it. The system is completely solar powered and has done a great job, and has super wirless range, as I have a temp sensor mounted on a tree, back in the woods, about 75 yards from my receiver here in the shack.

So whats your story?

73 de W4LGH - Alan

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by NG9R 7/4/2008 11:47:04 AM

I have a WMR-968 as well, using Free WX-WI software and share it on my home network with other computers. Pretty nice software for free. I also use the WX station data on the APRS network.
Some other software to consider is N3FJP's WX Warning software and his WXSpots software. More good free WX software.


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