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Donald Sanders
Extra Class
Ham Since 1948
United States

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Other Callsigns
KG4TUA is my wife's call and I cannot find a way to correct it on here. My call is W4BWS. I was HC4/W4BWS in Ecuador and K8AZW, then W9FFF originally.

My Ham Radio Interests
I work QRP CW and a little SSB. I am usually around the SKCC freqs, My number is 081C.

I am using a K2 transceiver, sn 0163, and a Spiderbeam UL-404 OCF dipole on 40 to 6 meters mounted on a 12 meter Spiderbeam pole. Great combination.

Other Interests
Natural Health Care, operate Healing Touch Ministry.

ARRL Life member, SKCC nr 081C,

Active Again


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Back active again. Now have a K2 sn 0163 and an OCF dipole on 40 to 6 meters. Survived the 7.8 Earthquake in Ecuador, April 16, 2016, but lost everything except our lives, thank GOD.Returned to the USA in May 2016.
Looking for QSL? Please send to the W4 buro, use or send me a email at w4bws1 at Give me the date time,etc of the contact. I salvaged most of my logs from Ecuador and am now sending cards requested.
I salvaged most of my QSLs from Ecuador and will be sending out QSLs soon to those who sent direct QSLs. Just had to get back on our feet and save a bit to order cards.
Thanks for your patience.

I am usually around the SKCC calling freqs or 7110 to 7120 on CW. My limited power and antenna means I am mostly on CW.

I am now building the Bio-active silver water generators, AGUAPLATA, and if interested in this natural antibiotic source send me an email. It is active against over 600 pathogens and if there is a major SHTF event and drugs are not available this is the only help I know is available. I have used it for over 30 years and with many of my members, when I had my ministry active, with amazing results.

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