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Thomas Walsh
Extra Class
W2CO Ham Since 1969
United States

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Other Callsigns
WN2BXS 1969-71, WB2BXS 1971-85, N0DYR 1985-95, W2CO 1995-present, also GROL w/Ship Radar 1991

My Ham Radio Interests
Active in HF CW, HF Digital Modes, HF DXing, Satellite operations - VHF/UHF/MW now active on ISS APRS packet, Satellites worked in the past - AO-10 mode B, AO-13 mode B, AO-40 mode U/L/S.

Collins, Drake, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Ten Tec, Hallicrafters, Alpha among others.

Other Interests
Classic Cars and Motorcycles, Original Music Composition

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Hybrid transceivers

From W2CO

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Don't forget the hybrid rigs from the 70's and 80's are going to need their hv caps changed soon! My trusty ts-830s just came up with half plate voltage and only 5watts in tune! Luckily in these hybrid rigs, if one of the two caps goes bad, the screen voltage also drops which saves the finals! So if you operate a hybrid rig from the 70's or 80's, and haven't changed the hv caps yet, watch the plate voltage and change the caps at the first sign of reduced values. My 830s normally has around 900v but it dropped to 820v last year but still operated ok. This year it went to maybe 350-400v and less then 100 when keyed! This indicates that one of the hv caps went bad! Change both when you do it because these caps have a definite lifetime from new of about twenty years. It doesn't matter if you run it once a day, once a week or once a year, in about twenty years they will go bad! This includes ts- 520, 530, 820, 830's , as well as yaesu Ft-101e, ex's etc., and many others from that era. "But I almost never look at plate voltage"...only plate current! Look at plate voltage everytime you operate the rig! It will save you time and money by catching it early.

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