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Clay Bartholow
Extra Class
W0LED Ham Since 1968
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
APRS & Packet Radio
PSK31 & other sound card digital modes
SDR experimentation
Kit building
ARES and Emcomm

HF/VHF/UHF transceivers
Packet radio TNCs
WMR Advantage and Plug'n'Play interfaces

Other Interests
Taught electronics and computer programming full time for 23+ years at NEI College of Technology and Dunwoody College of Technology -- Principal Instructor.
Continue teaching Advanced Electronics one semester each year -- Adjunct Instructor.
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

ARRL -- American Radio Relay League -- Life Member
QCWA -- Quarter Century Wireless Association -- Life Member
Twin City FM Club
Anoka County Radio Club
Twin Cities Repeater Club
Maple Grove Radio Club
Richfield Amateur Radio Club
TAPR -- Tucson Amateur Packet Radio


From W0LED

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Hi! My name is Clay and I am from a suburb of Minneapolis MN. I was first licensed as WN0WEP in 1968. My radio roots go back farther than that though -- I have been an SWL since I was a kid. I remember listening to shortwave broadcasts and other weird signals coming out of the speaker of my old wood-cased tabletop multiband radio (maybe a Philco?) When I was in high school I made friends with a couple guys who had their ham licenses. Together we started a ham radio club at the high school and pretty soon I earned my Novice license. After high school I worked as a surveyor for over twelve years. In 1981, after I got married, I went to electronics school (Northwestern Electronics Institute) and earned an associate degree. After graduation I worked for eight yers as an electronics technician. In 1990 I had a chance to teach electronics and for the next twenty-three years that's what I did: I taught electronics and computer programming. I retired in 2013 but I am still teaching a class in Advanced Electronics two evenings a week. Since retirement I have been trying to get more 'seat time' in front of the radios. I still listen a lot and talk a little but I'm trying to talk a bit more. I belong to two local clubs (Twin City FM Club and Anoka County Radio Club.) I am very glad that I have a hobby that I love. Ham Radio keeps me going. Lately I have gotten interested in D-Star and gotten myself registered on one of the local D-Star repeaters. It's kind of a steep learning curve but I enjoy learning new things. 73

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