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John Birdlebough
Extra Class
K7BIT Ham Since 2002
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
SAR, APRS, FEMA, DEMA, field days, pi, arduino, PIC, ATMEL, ARM 5-7, microcontrollers, astrophotography, digital radio, tube and SS gear

FT-897, FT-100D, VX7, Bafeng 5R, FTDX 1200, SCU-17, MFJ 993B, Vibroplex,MFJ-299, Hygain AV-18HT tower w/120 100' radials, hustler 6v, IC-880h, BCD996XT, FT-1500, Tektronix 2230, Tektronix 2445, 5 i7-920 16-24GB ram servers 45TB storage, Asus router, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, Win 2012 R2 Ent + MSHV, 6 linuxes, pi raspian, arduino uno/mega, Moog Voyager electric blue, 1968 fender twin with d130f pair, Peavey 110 15", Fender plite base, Fender Stratocaster 1965, Martin D-28, Martin 00015, Kord Clavia Lead III, OB-3, MK-66, Prosonic 8, Line 6 pod III, Ibenez fat body, Leslie 925, MacIntosh 2100, BGW 500, Macauly w/A7-500+LE85, D140F, KV-6 pair, FB surpressor, Macke and Yamaha 12:4 mixing boards, Moog Therimin, lots of mics, full set of Mooger foogers. See FB site for pics.

Other Interests
Family, fishing, farming, computer science, astrophotography, mad science. Tesla Rocks.


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well it seems to work. Will be interesting to see who is about and what their interests are. 73's K7BIT.

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