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Roberto Vicencio
General Class
KK6BQQ Ham Since 2008

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My Ham Radio Interests
First licensed with DU1DBT 1969 - 1976. Enlisted in the US Navy 1977 and operated MARS onboard USS Midway NNN0CQQ. Retired from the US Navy Sept 2000. Got my license as a technician DW1OLV 08/2008, General DV1VHY 09/2008, Extra DU1VHY 10/09. FCC General KK6BQQ 01/2013.

TS-520 Trio, TS-570D, Yaesu FT-897D, Flex 5000A
SB-221 Heathkit, Alpha 76A, ICOM IC2KL.
TH3jr, Inverted V

Other Interests

Philippine Amateur Radio Association Inc. (Nat'l Organization)
Philippine Amateur Radio League Inc.
American Radio Relay League
DU1HR Memorial Station.
DX1PUP - Polytechnic University of the Philippines Amateur Radio Club -Trustee



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I was fisrt licensed as an operator in high school at the Don Bosco Amateur Radio Club - DU1DBT. It was back in 1970 and I was active in the school ARC till 72. After High School I was volunteered to the radio station of the National HQ of the Boy Scouts - DU1BSP. It was here that I met the two gentlemen who became my Elmers. Doc Romy Castaned (DU1RC) and Fred Hashim (DU1EH). Both were pillars of ham radio in the Philippines.
I enlisted in the US Navy in 1976. My ham radio activitiy continued as a MARS operator onboard the USS Midway, a forward-deployed aircraft carrier. I served with the US Navy for 24 years and retired in 2000. Then, with my family, we returned to the Philippines. It was not until 2008 that I was able to re-acquire my Technician license as DW1OLV. A month later I examined for the General class and passed. My license callsign was chaged to DV1VHY. After a year I took the exam for Advanced and acquired my class A license as DU1VHY.
It has been a very exciting return. I have lots of catching up to do. But now, I am more into forming clubs in schools, with scouts, and mentoring individuals about the hobby. Ny grand daughter now says, "Roger, roger" whenever she sees the mics at the station. So I guess, I am doing okay.

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