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Charles Bari Gamble
General Class
KD7FAF Ham Since 1998
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests

Yaseu FT1000D
1000 Watt Yaseu Quad linear amplifier
Kamtronis TNC
ICOM reciever
ICOM IC 756 Radio
Various test equipment
MFJ Antenna analyzer (My most valuable tool)
MFJ Digital / Analog Bi-Direction SWR Watt meter (My second most valuable tool)
IF stage spectrum analyzer

Other Interests


Vertical antenna


9/29/2013 5:10:31 PM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I have a gap 8 band vertical antenna that rises to about 33 feet in the air. I would like some opinions about this antenna. I need to be very careful as to the type of antenna I use as I have a home owners association looking over my shoulder.

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