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Pete Frye
Advanced Class
N5ANB Ham Since 1958
United States

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Other Callsigns
KN4BQA - 1958

My Ham Radio Interests

Heathkit SB-104A
Heathkit SB-614
Heathkit SB-634
Heathkit SB-604
MFJ 40/20m Dipole
Yaesu FT-7900
Jetstream JTPS30M
Yaesu VX-3
Azden PCS-7000H
Midland 15-807
Baofeng UV-5R

Other Interests
Computing, Photography, Science Fiction

American Radio Relay League
Garland Amateur Radio Club


From N5ANB

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I first learned Morse code when I was 10. I was raised by my Grandparents. My Grandfather was an agent for the Illinois Central Railroad, so I spent a lot of in the depot around the sounders and therefore learned American Morse Code.

My Dad had been a radio operator in WWII. He introduced me to Ham Radio and supplied me with the Hallicrafters S-76 receiver and the Vibroplex Lightening bug you see in the 1958 photo. My Uncle supplied me with the Command sets and administered the Novice exam on my birthday. I went on to take radio and TV servicing at Tech High School in Memphis but transferred to Messick High School my senior year.

I was absent from amateur radio until graduation from seminary in 1978. My absence was due mostly to family stresses and school. After graduation Dawn and I were thinking in terms of missions, and I felt that getting back into radio would be beneficial. My interest in the hobby hadn’t diminished, but equipment costs were too great during the school years.

I took my General exam in September 1978 and followed one month later with the Advanced class. I bought a slightly used Heathkit SB-102 at a sidewalk sale, and a few weeks later acquired a new Midland 13-510 2 meter transceiver. What delighted me most was being able to talk and to have a VFO. I didn’t get back into CW for another decade. The Midland power supply is still in use which you can see in the photo of recent VHF equipment.

About that time I began picking up other equipment at the local annual Ham Com. That’s what you see in the 1990 picture. In 1996 I purchased the Heathkit SB104A at Ham Com and then added the SB-834 station console the follow year. The year after that, I added the SB-614 monitor scope. Two years later I donated all the older equipment to missionaries. In 1997, we moved from Dallas to Rowlett, a suburb.

During the late 80’s and the early 90’s I was active with Airforce Mars (AFA4FN). I also enjoyed working the roundtable nets (Kadiddlehopper, #6898) and was active with the DFW traffic net. I was a member of the Dallas Amateur Radio Club until we moved.

After the move, other priorities kept me from putting the HF rig back on the air (15 years) although I remained active in VHF and UHF activities. Also, after the move, my wife got her Technician license to be able to use the HT. That lasted until cell phones entered the picture.

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