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John Hess
Extra Class
KC2WEX Ham Since 2009
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I had an interests in electronics since I was a young boy. as I grew up I learned as well as went through the changes, from tubes, transistors, to IC. I also took an interest in broadcast and once held a third class with broadcast endorsement and worked at a few radio stations at the time when I was younger.
On June 15 2013 I got my general class. On January 21, 2017 I got my Extra class. I got a great feeling because I can work all the bands now which I had to avoid when I was previously a general.

I have a Yaesu-8900 as a base with a homemade Yagi, and a Yaesu-2900 for a mobile with a homemade mobile antenna, and also a Yaesu-1900 with a homemade dipole in the back yard. I also carry an Icom IC-T90 A HT with me at times. I built a CW transmitter from a magazine article on 80, 40 and 15 meters with a homemade dipole. I enjoy building my own antennas. I have a 10 meter transceiver also.
At the hamfest I picked a used kenwood TS-120. and a G5RV, cut for 40/15 meters. I will go down to the hardware store and add more length to the line to make it into an all band. I then advanced in equipment to an ICOM-718 when I got my general. I`m thinking of presueing different equipment advancement since I got my Extra. at this moment though, time will tell.

Other Interests
I also am interested in Airplanes as well as Gyroplanes also I am an active member of the The church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints, as a Mormon.

Rochester Amateur Radio association, and ARRL

Two antennas on the same band.


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I would like to experiment with two antennas on the same band except one is a vertical and the other is horizontal. Actually I wanted to apply this consept to tropo ducting but just using it in an everyday fashon and noteing the return would be kind of different. of course it`s been done before but just for the education of it would be fun to do.

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