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John Hess
Extra Class
KC2WEX Ham Since 2009
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I had an interests in electronics since I was a young boy. as I grew up I learned as well as went through the changes, from tubes, transistors, to IC. I also took an interest in broadcast and once held a third class with broadcast endorsement and worked at a few radio stations at the time when I was younger.
On June 15 2013 I got my general class. On January 21, 2017 I got my Extra class. I got a great feeling because I can work all the bands now which I had to avoid when I was previously a general.

I have a Yaesu-8900 as a base with a homemade Yagi, and a Yaesu-2900 for a mobile with a homemade mobile antenna, and also a Yaesu-1900 with a homemade dipole in the back yard. I also carry an Icom IC-T90 A HT with me at times. I built a CW transmitter from a magazine article on 80, 40 and 15 meters with a homemade dipole. I enjoy building my own antennas. I have a 10 meter transceiver also.
At the hamfest I picked a used kenwood TS-120. and a G5RV, cut for 40/15 meters. I will go down to the hardware store and add more length to the line to make it into an all band. I then advanced in equipment to an ICOM-718 when I got my general. I`m thinking of presueing different equipment advancement since I got my Extra. at this moment though, time will tell.

Other Interests
I also am interested in Airplanes as well as Gyroplanes also I am an active member of the The church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints, as a Mormon.

Rochester Amateur Radio association, and ARRL

My mobile installation.


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Remember when the days you jacked your C.B. power in a female cigar holder. What convience, hook it up to the bottom of the cars dashboard and then comes the antenna. Now it`s hooked up. This to me is an easy way to do it. when you went for a better model how easy it was to make it all work. Even removing for serviceing the unit can be taken out, with a "five minute" time limit approximently.
Now amateur radio, You have to connect the line directly to the battery for obvious reasons and "fuse the line" on both sides. then you connect a speaker in the back or front.
The way I connected my mobile, is a lot diffrent.
Add an accesory to your car by connecting the, 14 gage black and red fused on both ends,to the battery through "terminal posts" or "female cigar plug," mounted on the dashboard. (If you don`t mine the big hole in the dash,) through the firewall.
Then connect a phone jack, to one of your car speakers on eather the back or front, to that phone jack.
I did something unusueal for the antenna which I don`t recommend. I connected two female SO-239`s, one in the dashboard and the other in the roof. Then the coax ran between both of them and screwed on the antenna, to the rooftop SO-239. The coax on the antenna does not have to be as long. Just enough to reach the SO-239.(Dont forget to peak it.) The antenna coax is snug through the running board which is mostly a plastic piece anyway.
Just think if stereo shops, or even dealers, decided to do this type of installation in cars, it would add to the enterprise and make money for them, also provide hams, or even C.B. with installation relef.

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