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Don Dulmage
Advanced Class
VE3LYX Ham Since 1980

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Other Callsigns
First issued VE3LYU

My Ham Radio Interests
Homebrew tubes CW and AM. Minimalist style.
Skeds for low power QSOs with homebrew stuff.

50C6 Cw rockbound with matching 12sn7 regen.
01 TNT 40M with matching 01 regen
40M hartley CW
80M x 40M Am transceiver HB
Two No 19 Wireless Sets
6l6 Breadboard Cw TX and matching 6sl7 regen.
BC454 recvr Operational 80M
ARC 5 T18 transmitter which now covers all of 80M band in CW and AM (cathode modulated through CW key jack)
Twin 811A HB linear Amp.

Other Interests
Speak Deutsch at a functional level, can get by in French but it is hardwork for me.
Make fiddles and play them. (gospel and country)
Drag racer . I run The Senior Dragster. Slant six powered.
I race it at Picton Airfield
Am a writer. I have two books published and many magazine articles in both the USA and Canada. I used to have my own opinion column in a local paper for several years.(View from the Ridge)
Cast aluminum for fun.
Also raised cattle for several years and trucked them. I also bought and sold for others. (Dolmetsch Beef Farm)

In the interest of allowing others to enjoy their clubs I now refrain from joining.(does not play well with others)

Thirsty for contacts? You need a Beverage!


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I first heard about Beverage Antennas from my Dad, an P Eng who specialized in Radio design.
A couple of years ago I decided to give it a try. I was in Lowes and bought two sections of Covered Binding wire. I think it was around $20. I joined the two and snaked it down the rail fence east of the house. I got about 100 feet actually on the fence (approx 3 feet off the ground)and fed it into the shack through a hole in the window frame. I first hooked it up in the summer. I exected nothing and that is what I got. Other then a slight "click) there was no background noise. I unhooked it and forgot about it. Simply put "I just didnt get it!" I dont know why but last fall I was doing some antenna work and decided to try iy again since I had moved some of my AM rigs downstairs to that shack.
I was and still am astounded at what it can hear. The lack of atmospheric noise is still spooky. These antennas are very quiet noisewise. I leave it on the receiver all the time which eliminates the need for antenna switching. The only problem is I have discovered I can hear well folks who cant hear me at all. Despite what you might think the difference it that great. I know because I have tried listening on the Beverage and then switching to the Tx antenna. Often the signal difference is astounding and several time no signal couldbe heard on the TX dipole but was readable on the Beverage. I did not terminate mine in a resistance believing that the slight resistance of the binding wire would equal more or less the termination resistor. Right or wrong it doesnt matter to me now. I can hear more then I ever thought possible. Forget the thousand watt amps and the all the tricky stuff. You can't work what you can't hear. BTW, I myself am a skeptic so I know how hard it is for me to help you realize that the beverage antenna is that much better. (Yes son, B E T T E R !) If all Hams had one the linear manufacturers would soon be out of business. By that I mean the fellow who says I can hear you but yor barely copyable would, if he was listening on a beverage , be saying "You're 20 over 9 here!" The fellow who says he has a s( noise level at his QTH would be saying "The band is good day. There is hardly any noise. So often and i was guilty of this as well. We think If the other guy had more power and a better antenna I could hear him Often we even say it. In reality if we had a Beverage in most cases we could hear him just fine. As the 11 meter crowd used to say. "Put you're ears on!"

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