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Don Dulmage
Advanced Class
VE3LYX Ham Since 1980

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Other Callsigns
First issued VE3LYU

My Ham Radio Interests
Homebrew tubes CW and AM. Minimalist style.
Skeds for low power QSOs with homebrew stuff.

50C6 Cw rockbound with matching 12sn7 regen.
01 TNT 40M with matching 01 regen
40M hartley CW
80M x 40M Am transceiver HB
Two No 19 Wireless Sets
6l6 Breadboard Cw TX and matching 6sl7 regen.
BC454 recvr Operational 80M
ARC 5 T18 transmitter which now covers all of 80M band in CW and AM (cathode modulated through CW key jack)
Twin 811A HB linear Amp.

Other Interests
Speak Deutsch at a functional level, can get by in French but it is hardwork for me.
Make fiddles and play them. (gospel and country)
Drag racer . I run The Senior Dragster. Slant six powered.
I race it at Picton Airfield
Am a writer. I have two books published and many magazine articles in both the USA and Canada. I used to have my own opinion column in a local paper for several years.(View from the Ridge)
Cast aluminum for fun.
Also raised cattle for several years and trucked them. I also bought and sold for others. (Dolmetsch Beef Farm)

In the interest of allowing others to enjoy their clubs I now refrain from joining.(does not play well with others)

Twin 811A AMP


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I have begun construction of a dual 811A HF linear. It is loosely based on the one in the ARRL SSB book from the 70s but I added the second tube and will probably not use a Pi output as I prefer the old style parallel cap and coil. Reason? No reason, son. It is just company policy. (No room nor do I have the extra variable cap.) Why 811As. Because I have had a pair of sockets for years. I do not like extreme voltages a 572B needs and I just need a small boost in power so I am always around 100 watts plus real output. I have the RF deck done. The power supply rectifier board and filters as well as voltage doubler done. I have a useable transformer. Was looking for some tubes but will probably just buy new. I am a loyal customer of The Tube Store. Some ask,
"Why not a 300Z?" . Somehow I am not able to get accross I dont want killer power. Just enough to insure a good qso on 80M and 40M. I had, years ago, a Viewstar 1500 Linear. It was more then I wanted so I sold it. I have now a twin 6l6 linear I built just for fun for one of my homebrew rigs and a 6293 (Industrial 6146B) I use with my single control AM transceiver. I also built several years back a linear with a pair of 4cx150 tubes, the ceramic tubes. I had finished it and fored it up but never used it as a contester ham who was also an engineer bought it from me. All i had left to do was get the meter to read plate current. Voltage was already working. It had one of those power supplies that uses photoflash electrolytics. So it isnt that I have never had one. It is just this is what I want at this stage of my life. Got a lot done today and if I had the tubes I could fire this one up in a hour or so using the shack Hi voltage supply. However I want this to be a stand alone rig with its own supply.

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