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Craig Simmons
Extra Class
K9TEN United States

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Other Callsigns
K4CFS was previous call! My Main Radio is a Flex 5000A, from Flex Radio Systems, Austin , TX USA MADE! This is by far the best radio I have ever had or operated!

My Ham Radio Interests
Building antennas, Rag Chewing and Love digital modes-PSK31, Digital Slow Scan

Flex 5000A, IC-756Pro, IC-756, 160M Windom, Home Brew 7-Ele 30+' 6 Meter Yagi, Home Brew 20M 1/4 Wave elevated vertical, Home Brew 80M-10M 43' Elevated Multi-Band Vertical fed with 450 Ladder Line. Bunch of other stuff too!

Other Interests
9 Grandchildren & Growing! 4ea live across the street and next door, never a dull moment but I always have small hands ready to help PaPa build and put up another antenna!


Ham Shack In Kuwait

From K9TEN

2/18/2013 6:14:59 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Well several years later, I have almost no Ham radio equipment due to loosing my great job and two tornadoes hitting my house two years in a row. Now the good news: I have a HF station set up in Kuwait where I am working as a contractor. My apartment has a building on the roof that allows me to put up a 43' multi-band vertical. The base of the antenna is at 127 feet. Running barefoot (100 watts) IC-738 as my rig. It was quite a challenge putting up a vertical up on the roof. I ran an OCF Dipole for about a week but was not happy with the way it was set up. Hope to make lots of contacts with new countries for my log book and of course the USA My actual Kuwait call sign issued license is 9K2/K9ten. I hate it is so long but it is what it is and when I transmit 9K2 it gets attention. 73's to everyone. I will be putting pictures of my old and my new vertical antenna and my modest Ham shack on here.

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