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alan (Al) white
Class B Class
G7JVG Ham Since 1991
United Kingdom

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My Ham Radio Interests
I just love sitting in my shack
playing radio ,,,well away from
TV rubbish.
Like playing abt with wire antennas
What more do you want LOL

De Al

33ft vertical
236 longwire
PKW bazooka

SB200 heathkit amplifier

Other Interests
Hello all ,
Well for starters im 62yrs and still loving radio hi.Iv been
interested in shortwave and playing my Dads 78rpm vinyl's
records since i was small boy. My favorites were listening
to radio luxembourg and radio caroline, what I call the good
old days and now listen to Solid Gold Gem AM on my mobile
phone and on my computer and I still find hearing distant DX
stations just as interesting today. I work on most bands so if
you hear do please give me a shout it will be a pleasure to
have a chat (qso).

The Humber Fortress DX ARC club Website

HF bands

From G7JVG

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Amateur radio:
work 40mrts regular
work 17mtrs most Saturday afternoon's
work 80mtrs not often because of
antenna work
Its now 2014 just made a antenna for 80mtrs
and it works fine on 160 mtrs
What a bonus

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