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Also licensed as VA3ZG

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Yaesu FT-990
Kenwood SP-940
Kenwood SM-220
Cushcraft A3S
Alpha Delta DX-B sloper
Realistic PRO-2037 Scanner
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Delhi 32' free standing tower

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Shack relocation


1/28/2013 11:55:01 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Spend Friday and Saturday moving the shack from the spare bedroom out to the rec room. My daughter is moving home in a month so had to give up the spare room. It gave me a chance to clean things up a little and pay attention to all the cabling. I am very pleased with the results. Having it out in the rec room may give me more opportunity to show house guests the setup and explain the hobby to them. I now have windows too! I've uploaded a new picture. You can also see in the picture just how good the LED's look in the 940. Swapped out the LED's in my PRO-2037 scanner to match.

Still trying to find the source of the interference on 160 and 80m. On 1995 Khz it is almost 40db over S9 with a repeating cycle. I did find some noise about a block over, but this was picked up on the car radio on 1705 AM. As I drove by the spot in question the noise level on the radio increased dramatically. Next step is to take a walk over with the Grundig and see if I can pinpoint it a little closer.

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