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Ma. Theresa Aniceto
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POCKET TRAVEL CW KEYER with PADDLE MFJ-403P (world of effortless CW)


1/28/2013 4:00:58 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Greetings fellow hams.
a very good friend introduced me to the world of effortless CW.Very handy and so many features in so easy to follow functions. You can operate with your eyes closed. I really appreciate the plug-and-play operations.

Specs are as follows: weight control from 25 to 75%; iambic A and B operation; automatic or semi-automatic operation; full dot and dash memories; and immediate front-panel speed control from 5 to 60 WPM(words per minute).

Another good thing is the built-in sidetone generator and speaker that are ideal for CW practice sessions and/or for radios lacking a CW sidetone. It is also compatible with any modern transceiver or QRP transmitter using positive keying.
Powered by a common 9-volt transistor radio battery, the keyer is ready to use even in outdoor activities wherever you are.

The keyer is so amazing, that leave it sitting and the keyer goes into a BATTERY CONSERVING SLEEP MODE!

Truly, this pocket CW keyer is a must have to your amateur operations. Very enjoyable and effortless CW indeed!

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