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Extra Class
N8GBU Ham Since 1982
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I like to chase special event stations, contest, satellite coms and digital.

Kenwood TS-2000X, Kenwood TS-430S, Yaesu VX-7R, Kenwood AT-230, MFJ-1798 Verticle Antenna, G5RV Antenna, Arrow Antenna for Portable Satellite Op's and Elk Antenna with Yaesu 5500 rotator fo base Satellite ops also a RigBlaster Pro

Other Interests
Eventually I would like to be a VE. I enjoy going to Hamfests Especially The Dayton Hamvention and Findlay, Ohio's Hamfest.

Toledo Mobile Radio Association (TMRA) also the ARRL.

Brand New Here

From N8GBU

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I just thought I would start off my station blog by saying hello to everyone and telling a little bit about myself. Until this past September I held a General class license. I decided to upgrade to Extra class as sometimes the only activity I could find was I the Extra class portion of the bands. It took a lot of studying and when I was ready instead of waiting and taking the upgrade exam with the radio club I belonged to I drove over 30 miles to a small town I was familar with. The test was run by the Fulton County Amatuer Radio Club. I was surprised to see so many club members there helping out with the exams. They made me feel welcome and the majority of them congratulated me when I did pass my exam! Since getting the upgrade I have made numerous DX contacts which has been very exciting to me.

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