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Mark Timblin
Extra Class
W3LZK Ham Since 1995
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
HF SSB, some PSK & RTTY, talkin to the guys an gals on the local repeaters.

Main station:Icom 756 ProIII, Palstar AT2K tuner, AL-811H amp. My most often used station, my Lazy Boy HF station,(dur to being disabled I can't sit for long periods, so I invested in another complete station, which consists of a Yaesu FT-450AT, LDG AT-600Pro auto tuner, Ameritron ALS-600 600 watt solid state amp.

Both stations are tied to either a Mosley TA-33 classic, 20,15,10 meters @ 42' on my Hy Gain 52' crank up tower, and a Radio Works 40 meter Super Loop which thanks to the tuner covers 40-10 meters. I also have a GAP Challenger vertical, which is tied strictly to my FT-450 via the LDG tuner

Other Interests
Also hold ARRL appointment as a Tech Specialist, helping where I can, when I am able to. Also an assistant AEC for Indian River Co. Florida, and a Skywarn member Storm Spotter. If you want to have a sked send me an email, we'll do it!

Retired law enforcement, had 25 years in the field, from starting out as an MP in the US. Army, to being a patrolman, Cpl, to an assistant chief of police in a small town in Pa. where I originally hail from. Moved to Fl in 1987 for work, wound up doing security for 6-8 months until I was hired by Fl. dept of Corrections where I remained employed until 2001 when I was medically retired from an incident involving a large inmate disturbance, in which I was injured and subsequently aggravated a prior like injury received while in the Army. My injury forced my early retirement and by 2003 was permanently and totally disabled.

So much for that. I now live for this hobby, as it has given me so much more. The friends I've made, the help I received, the encouragement from family to move ahead within this hobby. My proudet moment was when my daughter at 15 tested and received her CSCE for her Technician license. I just wih she would study and get her general.

Past president and current member VBARC Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club. Charter member/director Treasure Coast Repeater Association, ARRL.

Gift of Faith

From W3LZK

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Greetings to all who take time and read these few words. My name is Mark, I live in Vero Beach, Fl. with my wife Gloria, we have been married for 31 years and we have 2 great children, both of whom still live with us even though they are grown. Our son Robert will turn 26 in January, our daughter Rose will turn 25 next April. Our son Robert was born with Down Syndrome and is basically non verbal. He can talk, if you take the time he can and does make himself understood, he also use sign language, mostly though he does try and use his words. When my wife was pregnant with him she had lots of problems, she had already lost 2 previous pregnancies, this one was proving just as difficult.
But we prayed, our faith, strong, my mother and father lived about 40 miles away in another small town in north western Pennsylvania. When our son was new born, the doctor suspected that he might have Down Syndrome, alas just before we received the results of the blood test my father was killed in a head on collision. But..we kept the faith, through out all, the funeral, the ensuing court case saying my father was at fault, it was later determined that my father was not at fault but the other guy who crashed head on into my dad, the other guy was killed in the crash too. But..we kept the faith, in August of 1987 we moved to Fl. me first, to get established and then my wife followed with our then 11 month old son, and another present, my wife was 4 month pregnant with our daughter.

When our daughter was born in April 1988, I was working as a security officer supervisor, and was awaiting the outcome of my application to Florida Department of Corrections. Which went through without a problem and soon I was going through the corrections academy. Upon graduation I wound up working in a maximum security prison, all went well and I kept the faith. After 7 or 8 months of working at this prison an opening came up at the youthful offender state prison that was 15 minutes from where we were living at the time. Our home at the time was a single wide trailer that needed a lot of work. Still our faith kept us going and soon our prayers were answered, another trailer situated on prison grounds. It really needed work but for $1,000 it was ours. We did the work that was needed and finally in February 1991 we were able to purchase a brand new single wide 14' X 72' trailer. Finally something new and built to our specifications..again..our faith held and we were able to enjoy the comforts it brought.

In the spring of 1991 it was discovered that I had contracted a chronic pain disease called RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a real bitch, one that caused me no end in the agonies of this disease. My pain was to the point that Gloria and I actually considered divorce however neither one of us believed in divorce, and we didn't have even $75 to do a quickie divorce from one of the local paralegals here in town. Our faith had to be strong in order to fight this disease. No matter, we did have faith, but this disease was almost too strong to fight. But fight we did, it took over 5 years of seeing doctor after doctor this procedure and the others that followed. I have been able to "manage" this disease. It has been though the faith of my wife, mine though has faltered a time or 2 or 10, but still faith and the support of my family gas kept me going. I was medically retired in March of 2001, after 14 years and some odd months with the dept. of corrections, ten years as a police officer and security specialist, /u was no longer able to work, nor due to the stipulations of my medical retirement was I allowed to work. After 25 years and more in law enforcement I was without a job, no career, nothing. How depressing it was, until the one morning I was looking for something in our utility room, I came across an old magnetic mount dual band antenna for the one Alinco FT I had that the battery had died. However, that little antenna gave me an idea, which now after a decade I have reached a plateau, I have all the equipment I need, rigs, antennas, etc. all is in good order.

Then, our faith hit the real test, on November 14th my wife went in for a minor surgical procedure, 2 weeks later, on my wife's 56th birthday no less. As we were getting ready to go out to celebrate my wife's birthday our phone rings, it was the doctor who had done my wife's surgery. I heard, "do I need to come in before my next appointment"? That I said doesn't sound good. My wife then put the phone on speaker phone, that is when I heard the doctor have cancer! Wha..what did you just say? Cancer..Gloria..what kind, what stage, what grade, all he said was it is cancer of the uterus. For a week, a solid week we asked ourselves what kind, what is it. All the questions one would expect in this type of situation. After a week, we met with the doctor, he told us that she had cancer of the uterus, it seemed localized and a complete hysterectomy was needed. A day later we met with the surgeon, he checked my wife and state yet again that this is cancer of the uterus, it is stage one and quite possibly a grade 1 cancer, only a complete hysterectomy was needed, and with any luck no further treatment was needed. A hysterectomy he said, and complete he meant, not just the uterus and ovaries, but her cervix, fallopian tubes, and her lymph nodes as well were to come out. So, on December 12th my wife went into the hospital, had her surgery, it was done via laprascope and robotics. Talking with the doctor after the surgery he told me everything came out fine, however her lymph nodes were enlarged, that it could be just inflammation from her previous surgery, an infection, or it could be cancer. So..once again we trust that our faith will hold true my wife will be just fine and when we see the doctor next week and get the pathology report, it will come back clean the cancer will have all been removed. That is what our faith tells us, we keep praying, but until we know for surer..this will be another long week of not knowing and worry, and waiting. This saga will continue

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