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william saint
Foundation Class
WS7SAINT Ham Since 2010
United Kingdom

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Other Callsigns
My call sign is
M6AUM Not Ws7saint

william saint

My Ham Radio Interests
Amateur Radio Licence Holder
I am a selfemployed Marketing Contractor
William Saint Uk

Studio Equipment
Other Equipment

Other Interests
website business developer

Previously a member of the Honchurch radio club
Which was based at the Fairkytes arts centre Honchurch essex uk
As a musician I have attended music clubs to take part in music events regularly or occassionally clubs and venues i have attended are
Romford folk club Function room the sun pub london road Essex
Folk and blues club Ruskin house 23 coombe road south croydon
Sharps Folk Club Cecil Sharps House regents palace road
Ealing Folk club

My Name Is William Saint


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What I think Of Myself?

William saint-Was formerly known As Azeez Babatunde Bello
Selfemployed Musician /Webbusiness Developer

I would say that i am talented enough as i have about 8 qualifications including a university degree
and professional diploma &professional certificates
I also have a radio licence by examination proceedure which empowers me to own &operate a radio station

What i think about people who are not like me i.e delayed group , people with learning disabilities
Well I would say that it is actually not their fault that is how they were born like, or it happened to them after they were born by accident or severe injury before the developmental stage however all that is theory
my own definition of people with learning disabilities are people who do not have any skills or qualifications from the day they are born until they retire

They Are People who have an Intelligent Quoitent of below 100 at anytime
The thing is that learning disability occurs because the people that have them cannot acquire any skills because of brain damage or brain dysfunction and then you may ask if they cannot acquire skills what would they be like, Well i would say that they would be evil and start doing bad,bad things against people because of the frustration of not being able to acquire skills and lack of achievement i.e in this case it refers to their inability to acquire any skills because Of a learning problem or learning disability occurs because of a brain that is ‘knocked out’and this results in an inability to read write or understand language any language
How does society adjust them?Society adjust’s them by giving them money to buy foods,jobs that cannot lead you to anywhere,i.e tertiary jobs and money to have a social life with people like themselves

Money dosent matter. If you come into a lot of money that dosent mean that you are gifted, You have to have ‘skills’ any ‘skills ,you have to have qualifications any qualifications
The possession of qualifications including a P.h.d dosent mean that you are going to be rich it all depends on local people you can have twenty qualifications and not have more than one hundred thousand and there might be somebody else who dosent have any qualifications and he or she has ten million pounds it all depends on local people and they give it to people that behave or whose behaviours have been acceptable to them for a period of time so that they can live a quality lifestyle with relationships if they feel that life would be hard for you without financial wealth or big money

Lord william saint had his first degree in special education 2nd class honours in 1989

Area of specialisation Mental Retardation&Learning Disabilities

But Works In Another field/Career- Webbusiness Development&Marketing

Music Business-Published Musician as a selfemployed contractor

On His job ‘Oh’ he said I love my job as a webbusiness developer from there I would like to develop to be a successful/Rich Webbusiness developer/Musician

My country of Birth is England United Kingdom

Place Of Birth StPancras London Uk Now under Camden Council London uk

Shop owner/Big farm owner

Buy My Cd’s From Here

The High Street Music Shop

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