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John D. Lane
General Class
KA1WVM Ham Since 1988
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
i have relocated to Clayton, NC and love it here, where amateur Radio is alive and well here not like Connecticut. the home of the infamous ARRL where ham radio is pretty much DEAD......
I enjoy echolink and have a node that is on mostly on weekends at 145.75 with a PL of 100 node number 57414..
also enjoy PSK,RTTY and other digital modes, not much into contesting and everyone lying about being a 59 when there a 2 by 2 ...hate the ARRL but love ham radio..
My station is because of the generosity of Paul KA1LB who is a wonderful friend and brother in Christ

at home a yaesu 897,8900 and a 1900r...a rigblaster NOMIC interface and in HPC note book computer
MFJ versa tuner, LDG AT-897 tuner..which sucks..
in the car a 8900 and a 857 and a mfj moble great
MFJ equipment works great for me!

Other Interests
.. Quartet Gospel music,country/Blue Grass music
Bible Studies......
hiking,fishing and boating ..and ARRL bashing

no clubs as of work schedule don't allow it

10 meter AM


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does any one know where and when 10 meter AM activity takes place??

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