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7/21/2012 12:50:13 PM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Since they dropped morse code from the testing its a lot easier to get an Extra class license now especially if you are a good test taker. Some might be inclined to think that somehow that makes them smarter or better. Well that just isn't true at all. We have a lot of hams in the community that might be a Technician or a General that have had a lot of experience and are very sharp. Don't get me wrong I am not taking shots at everyone that has an Extra class. All I am trying to say is lets not get caught up in status of license classes. Its just a piece of paper thats all. There is nothing wrong with keeping the same class of license. There is no rule that says you have to be a General or Extra Class. Enjoy the hobby at your own pace and have fun with it.

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by N2UGB 7/30/2012 5:27:10 AM

I agree. Knew of a now deceased Novice class operator who remained at that level all his life and was very active on 40 meter cw. Many new amateurs worked him as their first cw contact. Also knew of a couple General class operators who became hams just after WW2. Very technically savy. They were naturally upset after losing some of their operating privledges after the USA FCC/ARRL "incentive" licensing changes. They remained General class.

by W6QT 8/30/2012 9:12:35 PM

Quite correct! I know of many Technician Class operators who are very intelligent and knowledge I am still trying to learn. While you say the license class is just a piece of paper, I did study my butt off for about three months to get mine, so I am proud to have it. This is a hobby where we constantly learn new things, me included.

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