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Steve Hitchcock
Extra Class
KJ6N Ham Since 1973
United States

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Other Callsigns
Previous call signs: KK6KJ, N6TOA, KB6ZCW, WN6WHA

My Ham Radio Interests
My radio interests are 10 meters with qrp radios.
I have a number of converted cb gear from the late 70's
On am, ssb, and even FM, i get a real kick out of making
Contacts thousands of miles away with these
Very simple radios. I started out on tube cb radios
With my dad. He had one of the first cb licenses in the
Early 1960's KFC1274 we lived on a hill in Millbrae on the peninsula
And had a clear shot to the whole bay area.

I was first licensed in hi school as a novice.
I did not get active until I was re licensed as a novice
With voice privileges KB6ZCW. I used to be much more
Active on 10 FM and 6 FM. I am getting more active
And have interest in local QSO's on 10 meters and 6 meters
Of any mode. I would like to generate interest
Again using these bands. Not for just DX but for
Local use as well. I monitor with a uniden hr-2510
And Motorola Micor on 10 FM, it's my 1adam 12 radio.

I am active on d-star reflector 001C during the day also
And I monitor KU6V repeater on 444.900 + pl 110.9

Take care and hope to chat with you on the radio sometime.

73's. Steve

Icom 729, various ht's and converted 11 meter gear to 10 meters.

Other Interests


Band openings on 10 are bleak:

From KJ6N

7/18/2012 10:56:27 AM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Not much in the way of band openings on 10. A couple of times a day I hear stations 6 to 700 miles from my qth in Washington State and Arizona. Must be sparodic E skip. I picked up a 10 meter monoband mobile radio, the HTX-10. It's a nice radio but it has a quirk that I have to watch when transmitting to not overdrive the mic gain on ssb or the transmitter goes into oscillation. This appears to be a common problem on the HTX-10 that was marketed by Radio Shack in the 1990's. It does however work great on FM and AM and also SSB if I don't overdirve the radio. It puts out a solid 30 watts on all bands and the reciever is great on all modes.
Not bad for a rig under 100 dollars. It's strictly 10 meters. NO 11 meter or freeband. There might be mods for it but I am not interested. I also have a Uniden HR-2510 and AM transmit decided to go out. SSB and FM are fine. I have strange luck with these export radios and for that matter buying someone else's problem radio from ebay. I would have been better to save my money for a real HF radio.


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by KA1WVM 8/5/2012 5:15:44 AM

I also have an HR 2510 i really like the radio and it works good for me i use a dipole kit with two ham sticks in the attic...i wish ten would open up too,i also have an yeasu 8900 which has 10 fm and am n it with a 50watt pep but don't get much use there but allot on the six meter side...
John Palmer, mass

by KJ6N 8/5/2012 9:05:27 AM

The HR-2510 is one of the great 10 meter radio's. I have one also but it has a problem with AM mode as it transmits on AM but doesn't receive. There was a later model to the HR-2510 called the HR-2600. They are pretty rare now days but if you can pick up one it has 10 FM repeater splits. The HR-2510 was taken off the market because it was so easy to mod the radio to go beyond 10 meters into the Freeband and CB band. In later models Uniden covered the microprocessor with epoxy to keep people from modifying the radio. Then a company came out with the Chip Switch that replaced the existing processor of the radio and expanded it to nclude 12 and 10 meters and everything in the middle and also memories. The company that originally made the Chpswitch sold the rights to another co. If you google Chipswitch you will find the web site and information on it.

My 2510 is slightly off frequency on transmit. I need to get a frequency counter and fix that. The HTX-10 radio that I recently picked up is an interesting radio and does do repeater splits. It does not however have CW mode. I used to do CW on my 2510 ad it worked great.

Since i started this post we have had a bunch of openings on 10 meters and also 6 meters. Mostly the sparodic e type of skip but we have been getting trans equatorial openings in the late afternoon and earl evening to South America on 28.400. One day the band was open till 12 midnight with an opening 60 to 1000 miles out. That was a lot of fun. I first heard the opening on 27.385 LSB and then later on the beacons on 10 were popping up all over.

Have fun on 10 meters. Its always been a mysterious and fun band for me.

73 de Steve kj6n in SF Bay Area in Calif.

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