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Charles Rich
Extra Class
KC0SNU Ham Since 2004
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I mostly build and operate QRP rigs in my spare time. I have several on the bench now that are nearly complete:

- Avala YULM1 SDR (Need to wind the toroids and smoke test)
- BITX Version 3 (just waiting to be cased)
- BITX 6 (Waiting on me to finish the BPF)
- Softrock 40 SDR (was working, but I broke the USB cable and am re-engineering that so it won't happen again)

Various QRP rigs and a couple of boat anchors, an ICOM and a Yaesu.

UPDATE: My father KC0GKZ passed away in January and I inherited a whole houseful of radio gear he had been collecting for years. I'll update this sectio as I get a handle on what I have.

Other Interests
I also love scuba and aviation. I'm still trying to figure out how I can combine all three hobbies into one lifestyle.

Five Flags Amateur Radio Club, Pensacola, FL

New Callsign AK4SR


6/7/2012 9:59:06 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Please note that I recently upgraded to Amateur Extra and am now AK4SR. I guess this means I need to dedicate a little more time to my ham shack ;-)

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