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John Perriero
General Class
K4WIC Ham Since 2005
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
1 - IRLP: Talking to folks in my hometown: South River NJ.
2 - Two meters and 70cm: I enjoy simplex and repeaters.
3 - Can be found during day if not on the road ... 40 meters.
4 - Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

1 - Yaesu QuadBander FM Transceiver FT-8900R attached to a Diamond SGM911 Tri-Band antenna on a Diamond K9000LRM motorized luggage mount and Byonics Ready To Go *RTG* for APRS (SUV)
2 - MotoTrbo XPR2500 UHF Digital Mobile Radio (Home)
3 - MotoTrbo XPR5550 UHF Digital Mobile Radio permanently installed (SUV)
4 - Icom All Mode Transceiver IC-7000 at home connected to a LDG IT-100 autotuner with a dual twin lead antenna encased in a PVC pipe mounted in the attic for 2 meter and 440 transmissions. For HF contacts I use one of the rain downspouts on the Southwestern side of the Triple R Spread (Home)

Other Interests
Hometown: South River NJ / Retired / Christian / Widower / 61 Years Old / Former On-Air Personality / SUV Driver With Adaptive Equipment / Writer Of Short Prose

*** CSCE Approved - General Class License on February 12th 2012

*** Approved as a VE for WCARS/VEC on March 13th 2012

*** 1/5th part owner of Two (2) DMR repeaters

Little Mountain SC - Dutch Fork Amateur Radio Group - W4DFG

*** Twitter: Member #36 of the HamTwitNet on Wednesday nights at 8PM (ET) on Echolink Node #387265 hosted by W5RAW-R

General Class License

From K4WIC

2/13/2012 10:46:27 AM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

It's official ... February 12th 2012 ... finally took the plunge and received my CSCE for my General Class License. Celebrated alone with meatball sandwich in one hand and french fries in the other. Seven (7) years to get to this point. Dayton will now have some meaning to it. Ham radio rocked on Sunday!!!

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by N4HG 2/24/2012 5:06:38 AM

Congratulations John. Welcome to the fold.

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