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Steven Wamback
Extra Class
KK2W Ham Since 1972
United States

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Other Callsigns
WN2IDG (1973?)
N2VPI (1993-2008)
KK2W (2008-Present)

My Ham Radio Interests
Radio Astronomy
Solar Science
Meteors and Meteor Scatter

About The Author:

Having graduated from The State University of New York College at Fredonia, New York with degrees in both the Geological and Biological Sciences, Steven J. Wamback has worked as a biologist, geologist, and environmental scientist on various projects within the realms of hazardous waste site remediation; wetlands identification, delineation, and mapping; groundwater exploration and protection; natural resource conservation; technical project writing and editing; and public education. He is looking forward to future projects and opportunities in Public Service, Education, and in conserving and protecting natural environmental resources, land, water, wetlands, fish, and wildlife. Steve finds himself at home with his family in Angola, New York on the shores of Lake Erie and enjoys fossil hunting and Amateur Radio when time permits.

Ten-Tec Jupiter 100 watts barefoot or less
Dentron Tuner
G5RV-fed with 300 ohm TV wire
Straight Key
Sure Microphone

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"My Favorite DX Stations"

From KK2W

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"My Favorite DX Stations"

(These are only a few of many more to come !)

Over the years, many DX operators and hams from around the world have left good impressions on me and I would like to offer tributes to several of those who have touched my heart and also to those who have been damn good entertainment on the air. Even though they may not know or even remember me, I feel like they are family. Tuning-in to their frequencies over the years has brought them into my home. as welcome guests if even only via electromagnetic waves. welcome guests, fond memories, and dear friends just the same.

GI0AIJ – Ivor – Listen for Ivor Afternoons EST (his evenings) on 20 Meters. Ivor is a professional race car driver and motorcycle driver and a designer/builder of high tech hi power motor equipment. His wit and sarcasm -- especially toward QRMers and anything else that is intolerable -- are a riot! Ivor lets ‘em have it all. including the frequency! I try to say hello to Ivor when I can. but just tuning in and listening is educational, entertaining, and fun! Ivor’s web page is at 73 Ivor!

SV9CVY – Mike – From the beautiful Isle of Crete in the Mediterranean, Mike has the deepest voice in radio… I always recognize him at once. Mikos is real gentleman and a kind soul always a pleasure to meet again. Have made contact with Mike on several bands over the years. His QSL card is one of the most beautiful I have seen… reflecting both the ancient beauty and the modern technology of Greece and Grecian Culture. Mike asks that we support HandiHams with our time, spare equipment, and financial support. 73 Mike!

PA0GMW – Paul – Listen for Paul at EST Sundown (his Midnight) on 80 Meters in or near the DX window. Paul runs the old Drake C-Line equipment (with tubes!) and has a phased array (4-Square) of verticals for his antenna system on 80 Meters. Even if you do not have the best antenna or highest of power, Paul CAN hear you with his amazing setup so please give him a call. He keeps accurate logs and is always warm and friendly and welcoming to new and old friends alike. See Paul, his amazing antennas, and station PA0GMW at Dank u wel dear Paul… Bedankt!

CT3FT – Cedric – On sunny Madeira, a Portuguese island off of northwest Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, you can often find Cedric around 14.260 afternoons EST (his evenings). But you should not be surprised to hear Cedric on other bands and modes at any time when the conditions are good. I have found him on 80 and 15 meter CW too! Cedric is an expatriate of Northern Ireland where he was first licensed in 1953 and still uses the CW “bug” he inherited from his father. A retired Physics teacher, Cedric lives just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean and he is very popular when he is on the air. A real gentleman and a fine DX operator. Thank you dear Cedric!

HB9RDE – Rolf – From his amazing mountain top radio station in Switzerland, one often hears Rolf coming through Loud and Clear (59+) when the rest of the “European Wall” is way down in the mud. Rolf is always warm and friendly and polite… a jolly Swiss Gentleman! (BUT please do not interfere on Rolf’s frequency or you will piss off a really nice guy who is generally accommodating and respectful to everyone.) Rolf’s impeccable signal, outstanding audio, professional operating skills, and kindly good nature are a delight whether you are stopping by to say “hello” or even if you are just listening in on the frequency. 73 TU dear Rolf!

OH2BH / CU2KG / FJ / & Many Others – Martti Laine – Martti Laine is to Amateur Radio what Jack Nicholas IS (& what Tiger Woods WAS) to Golf. An accomplished world traveler, a world famous DX-expedition operator, and an avid DX radio contester… Martti is likely to be found at anytime somewhere in the world and somewhere on the bands or even on the pages of CQ and QST Magazines. I have enjoyed QSOs with Martti in French Saint Martin, at his winter home in the Azores Islands, at his home in Helsinki Finland, and in OH0 in Arctic Finland. Despite his fame and success, Martti is always warm and friendly and personally welcoming when you stop by his frequency. 73s Martti! And Safe Travel for You! Thanks!

OE6MBG – Mike – When radio propagation from Austria reaches North America, you can always count on big pileups whenever Mike’s signals are heard. Always warm and welcoming, Mike comes through with signals greater than S9 with 20 or 30 db over S9 his norm. Mike’s perfect English causes one to wonder if he is a native Austrian or an American transplant, HIHI! I remember one cold evening when Mike was out walking with his 2-Meter handheld remotely controlling his HF rig at home. It was a wonderful 20-Meter QSO and I could clearly hear Mike’s footsteps and heavy breathing in the cold Austrian air as he got his evening workout while we chatted some 7000 kilometers apart! It is always a pleasure to make contact with Mike at home in Austria or as he travels about the world. Thanks Mike & 73s TU!

DF2BO – Tom -- When propagation is open to Germany, it is always a pleasure to hear Tom’s fantastic signal and great audio. Tom, DF2- “Blue Ocean” as he announces his station, is the inventor and manufacturer of the world famous OptiBeam Antennas. These amazingly engineered beams have both broad-band and multi-band functionality with very low SWR ratios throughout. OptiBeam makes antennas for both commercial and Amateur Radio applications. Tom is always warm and friendly whenever you call… But there is so much to be learned when Tom is on the air, that I often park my receiver on his frequency and just listen and learn from his wealth of knowledge and impeccably good English. 73s Tom and Thank you!

ES1WW - ES2WW - ES1WN - ES2WN- ES3AX - (?? & others!) --August Parn has been a good friend since 1993 when I first met him on the air. He has been active in Ham Radio, Citizens Band Radio, CB Radio, and perhaps even Outlaw XXX Radio too Hi Hi! (I believe Radio DXing was his Job!) From Tallinn Estonia, he once sent me a beautiful radio map of the former Soviet Union Nations (was only $10) and over the years August has sent many many beautiful stamped envelopes from around the world. I once sent him an old "boat anchor" radio and he sent me 400 of your QSL Card IRCs! HI HI ! (I do hope August sent you his QSL card! I am still waiting for his QSL card for 10 Meters! HI!) If you happen to run into August please give him my best regards and let me know his current call sign please!) Always a pleasure dear August. be well my old friend from Estonia!

IK1FLF – Fernanda -- In the late 1990s, Fernanda, a delightful Young Lady YL from Montegrosso Osti Italy wonderfully electrified the radio airwaves with her delightful “CQ DX QRZ Stateside… Italy Kilo One Fox Lima Fox” calls. Always warm and friendly and charming she would claim to run barefoot… as “My voice is my amplifier” cut through QRM, QRN, QSB, or QR-anything! I understand she was/is a QSL manager for a number of stations. Sadly, I have not heard of, or from, Fernanda in many years. Please, if anyone has information about Ms Fernanda, I would love to hear that she is happy and well. Best 73s dear Fernanda… missed wherever you are!

G5RV – CX5RV – Louis Varney – No longer with us and now a Silent Key, Louis Varney is the inventor of the world famous G5RV balanced line wire antenna. I had the pleasure of making two CW QSOs with Louis as CX5RV in 1993 and 1994 at his winter home in Uruguay. His kindly good nature came through wonderfully in our late night “rag chew” CW QSOs. I have since constructed my own G5RV antenna and have found it to be just as wonderful in performance as its dearly departed inventor had intended. I offer a very special posthumous Thank You to Louis Varney for his personal kindness to me and for his timeless contributions to both the art and the science of Amateur Radio. You are gone dear Louis, but you are not forgotten. Thank you and 73s to you as your memory and antennas live on and your radio signals at the speed of light become one with the outer reaches of our Universe!

MORE TO COME: (These are only a few of many more to come!)

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