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Roger Shepard
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New shack coming soon!

From K4KAK

12/23/2011 8:37:56 PM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Hello from K4KAK. This is my first blog entry since I've joined. I having a new shack built and it will be delivered maybe next week so im told, but if not then the next week. Any way, getting the shack out of the house. I'll be makeing a lot of new pictures of the site. I have lots of pics of new gear. I'll start loading them up after Christmas holidays. I'm really excited about the new shack and it location. I'm putting it within 4 feet of the tower. I'm going to run fiber optic cable in for internet and tv. There is so much to do. I dont want to go to fast and miss something in the wiring and distribution of plugs in the proper place. Looking forward to any comments as I start construction of the inside. Well I guess thats all for now, have a happy holiday.

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