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Arthur Mejsak
Standard Class
EI7GMB Ham Since 1999

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Please note address change as follow on

Not very active at the moment due to lack of an HF antenna at base QTH but be prepared to catch me up on 4m band (70mhz) portable!

For any missing/unanswered cards please contact me here: EI7GMB at yahoo dot com

I am an eQSL user but have no plans for the LotW yet and no LotW entries are entered/replied.


Nothing at the moment


Kenwood TM-D700
Ascom SE550



And plenty of a radio related junk in the box awaiting its sunny day.

Other Interests
Music, books, Linux, Raspberry PI, homebrew electronics, PMR conversions.

Some good people at IRTS

A brilliant VHF enthusiast:

Shame on you, MFJ.


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How do you think, is 30 watts PEP small or huge amount of power? Well, it depends on the frequency on question. So what about of 50 MHz? Is not QRP but no QRO either. Just about right for CW.

Link above will picture you what can happen with 50.090 MHz and 30 Watt PEP working CW. Apparently 30w PEP was way too much for MFJ 949e ATU.

Okay, it was not designed for 6m band one could say, but my concern is quality of employed materials, namely RF switch. I thought that flame resistant dielectric material is prerequisite, when it come to deal with RF. Instead here is cheap plastic switch, probably meant to be just a low voltage, low tension control box switch. I could be punished with arcing contacts while transmitting, but when opened the box off line it was still smoldering. Shame on you, MFJ guys, shame on you.

Amateur radio is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire
I set ATU on fire....

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