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Derek Lyon-McKeil
Extra Class
AI6F Ham Since 1993
United States

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Other Callsigns
M0GVK in the UK

My Ham Radio Interests
Emergency Communications, General playing around with radios. Doing VE sessions.

My Shack is a 1987 Suburban 4x4 that started life as a news van. It was converted to a satellite up-link truck and then surplussed out. They took the TV gear and antennas but left me the 4kW generator built in power distribution system and dual battery system.

TM D-710

Other Interests
Volunteer with Cal Fire Volunteers In Prevention. One of my duties is working in a fire lookout tower. I also get to work on the communications van. I'm a member of the Military Vehicle Collectors of California and I have a 1954 Army ambulance. I also enjoy railroading and maritime history.

Sunnyvale ARES, Sunnyvale CA.

Well Rats!!

From AI6F

8/12/2011 2:42:05 PM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

While playing a bit of modern wizardry with the computer I managed to hose up Ubuntu. For those technologically inclined, I was trying out Kubuntu which is Ubuntu's KDE. I like KDE, it is nice and touchy feely. However, some things were not working as well as I'd like such as Network Manager. So I decided to switch back to Gnome. This involved switching from KDM to GDM. I did the switch and I thought everything was finished when I powered down. My bad, it wasn't finished. Now Ubuntu won't allow me to log in and seems completely confused. I think I have my weekend work cut out for me.

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