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Victor Plugaru
Extra Class
YO4TNV Ham Since 2013

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My Ham Radio Interests
Digital modes
Sattelite ops

Kenwood TS140s + digital modes interface +
FD3+80m antenna
QCX ( 5w 20m CW transceiver + 7m fishingpole vertical
Alinco DR135 MK2 2m FM transceiver
QYT 8900D VHF/UHF 20W FM transceiver mobile
Baofeng UV5R + Nagoya 771 + NA 701 antennas
Motorola GM1200 10W FM UHF transceiver
2x SIMOCO PRM 80 2m FM transceivers
2x Midland G7 XTR PMR nFM transceivers

Other Interests
Arduino, Rpi & home automation
Sattelite tracking automation hw&sw
Automatic signal indentification & classification
WIFI Mesh networks
Unix & Linux OS


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VLA in Soccorro, NM
VLA in Soccorro, NM

YO4TNV Joined My Ham Shack - 3/7/2018 4:28:12 AM

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