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Dave Bottom
Extra Class
WI6R Ham Since 1962
United States

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Other Callsigns
KD6AZ 1980 to 2010
WB6BDA 1962 to 1980

My Ham Radio Interests
First licensed at age 13 in 1962 as WB6BDA (Novice Class) in error, but eventually did get the proper WN6BDA assignment. Upgraded to Technician Class in 1963 pending a trip to the FCC at the Customs House in San Francisco to take my General Class exam. Passed my General Class ticket in 1964 will attending Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA.

My Dad was W6LEH (SK)and my brother is K6RZJ, first licensed at age 11 as KN6RZJ.

Let my license lapse? (couldn't find it after a move in 1978/9) and after getting no response from the FCC just drove to San Francisco and took all exams again. I made it through the Advanced before calling it a very long day and went home to receive the call KD6AZ. A really good CW and Phone call compared to my original dismal CW call.

Went back and took the Extra Exam next opportunity I had but retained the call until this January 2011. We have great databases now and you can find anyone still licensed from any call they have had if they bother. New call WI6R issued in January 2011.

I have operated just about every mode except a couple of the new ones I need to explore. Although in high school we didn't complete our high power 432 MHz transmitter we had most of a moon-bounce station together. I helped with the station after graduation while working at Hewlett-Packard Co.

Current stations are:
ICOM IC-737, IC-2KL, AT-500

Vintage SSB:
Collins S-Line 75S-3B, 32S-2/516F-2, 312B-4, 30L-1
Central Electronics 20A, 458 VFO, 9MHz 1st IF Transceive Converter with BC-453 2nd IF and Central Electronics Side Band Slicer

Vintage AM:
Harvey Wells T-90 Transmitter, APS-90 Power Supply, R-9A Receiver

Other Interests

ARRL, Beach Boys Amateur Radio Club,
Vintage SSB Rountable, AM International
Collins Collectors Association


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