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Bryan Swadener
Advanced Class
WA7PRC Ham Since 1970
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
HF DXing, contesting & mobile operation (prefer Morse).

Kenwood TS-850SAT (fixed)
Kenwood TS-130S (mobile)
Kenwood TS-120S (spare)
Heathkit SB-220 amplifier
Heathkit SB-610 & SB-620 monitor oscilloscopes
Kenwood SM-220 w/ BS-8 station monitor
Homebrew Morse keyers

ANTENNAS (fixed):
80m = 4-wire cage inverted vee dipole @ 70'/35' AGL
40-20-15-10m = Force12 C-4XL yagi @ 72' AGL
40/15m = half wavelength sloping dipole @ 65'/45' AGL
20m = half wavelength homebrew vertical @ 12' AGL
10m = Cushcraft AR10 half wavelength vertical @ 83' AGL

ANTENNA (mobile):
Hustler/New-Tronics MO-1 mast
Modified Hustler/New-Tronics RM-xx loading coils (less L, more whip).

Other Interests
Alpine (downhill) snow skiing in WA
ET bracket 'drag' racing
Home improvement/maintenance/repair
General electronic design/fabrication/repair/modification

Western Washington DX Club (

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The WA7PRC Operating Position

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