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Steven Evans
Extra Class
Ham Since 1967
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
1950's: SWL
1960's: Novice, General
1970's: Advanced
1970's: Extra
Interests: Emergency communications, portable ops
Awards: WAS, WAC, DXCC, etc.
Member: ARRL Life, FISTS, SKCC, Ten-Ten

Home: Icom ProII, Heil boomset w/HC5, Ameritron amp, various antennas.

Portable: Icom 706G, LDG Z100 tuner, various antennas.

Other Interests
Retired Professional Musician
Retired Army Bands
Retired Music Educator

Sante Fe Trail ARC, Olathe, KS
Five Flags Amateur Radio Association, Pensacola, FL

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W5VK's Classified Ad - 7/2/2007 7:19:12 PM

MFJ Voice Keyer
This is a MFJ voice keyer that will call "CQ CQ" or give reports, etc. Four memories and has dip switch that will configure for any xcvr.



Contact: ""
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