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Mike Evan
Extra Class
W3TBC Ham Since 2010
United States

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Other Callsigns
Original Call KB3UTY

My Ham Radio Interests
Have only been a Ham since 2010 and really enjoying every aspect of the hobby. Took all the exams last year, Tech thru Extra, so now I can sit back and study what interests me most. Looking into the digital modes and will hopefully get my computer linked up to one of my rigs in the near future.

Been experimenting with wire antennas, mainly dipoles and getting very good DX results. Currently have a 20M & 10M dipole mounted in my attic along with a 2M/440 ladder line j pole.

Met a bunch of really nice local hams on the repeaters that have helped greatly and appreciate all their advice. Special thanks to Ed W3ERH for giving me a tour of his home shack to see his layout which gave me a great many ideas. Getting ready to build my shack in the corner of my hobby room. Will post pictures as this gets going shortly. 73. mike

Icom 7000
Yeasu 817
Yeasu FTM-350

Other Interests
My other interests included music, play polkas for fun. Aviation, I'm a Multi-Engine Commercial rated pilot. Used to work as a flight instructor but haven't been teaching for years. Currently work as a Nurse Anesthetist.


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73's to everyone

Just joined this week. Checking out everyones shacks, equipment, and finding a lot of interesting setups out there. Can't wait to get mine in a permanent location in the basement. Take care. W3TBC, Mike.
Comment from N0VF 3/6/2011 6:50:14 PM
Welcome Mike!

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Temporary 20M dipole used during good weather. Use extendable painters pole.
Temporary 20M dipole used during good weather.  Use extendable painters pole.

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6 meter dipole
6 meter dipole

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