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Nick Lerro
General Class
W3NRL Ham Since 2000
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
i started my ham radio hobby back in 1986 and dropped out for many years and started back into the hobby in 2000 and started getting my shack back the way i wanted.
I used most aspects of the hobby from ssb,digital & cw and talked to ISS several times ( these qso are recorded )i also like talking using the Birds ( Satellites ).
Also enjoy making my own antennas, i have build beams and really love making wire antennas.

My equipment has changed through out the years as did all of us in the hobby:
from ft-2000 ft-101e, ft-101zd, Icom706mkiig, Ts-d700d, ic 2800, ts-2000, ts-570, icom 756pro, Ten-Tec Jupiter and many HT's ( too many to list )
plus W2IHY audio EQ and the EQ PLUS, countless Mics from HEIL..and now with Ten Tec 707 mic
i am sure many of us have a list similar to this one and it goes on and on and on.
I've sold many and replaced the ones i sold as my interest changes with the hobby i get different equipment

Other Interests
My other interest is Classic cars, my baby is 1969 ply RoadRunner ( class #1). I had several muscle cars in the past years.

I have belong to many clubs in the past now i don't really have the time for them.
I Spend most of my time on the radio and working.

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qsl card
qsl card

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your truely
your truely

W3NRL's Blog Post - 8/3/2010 6:45:48 AM

field day 2010

This time we went further south in New Jersey, we went to the Pine Barron's with a great group that we hang on 10 meters everyday.
we set up a tent with plenty of tables lot of antennas we worked 40, 20, 10, and host of other band ( hf) i did 40 meters with a good friend w3bt Julian
Enoch ks3x ran 10 meters with Dave and 20 meters was ran by Art and Clint, we all took turns with the bands.
Steve kb3org was our chef and he filled our stomachs and set up the field day antennas as well. we had great team work!!!
another successful field day
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W3NRL's Blog Post - 8/3/2010 6:37:43 AM

field day 2009

Field day 2009 was a blast this time we went to a small town in New Jersey we set up about 4pm ( we were late cause my son had a party we attended ) but anyway things went smooth and the contacts start pouring in we did all bands ( hf ) and also did digital modes this year had a blast
cant wait till 2010 field day
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W3NRL Uploaded a Picture - 3/6/2009 8:22:45 AM

New Toy
New Toy

W3NRL's Blog Post - 6/30/2008 2:34:53 PM

Field Day this was Great!!!!

This year we (my brother and myself) went 2260 feet above sea level.. we made several antenna, G5RV and Windom, and I used my TS-570 and my brother used his 706mkiig with manual tuners and all needed to operate. we made 324 contact we have awesome food and cold beer and Great weather no rain no humidity just blue skies and 82 degrees.
so all went well and great fun.

Comment from KA6KBC 6/30/2008 3:02:04 PM
Hi Nick,

Sounds like a good time :o) There weren’t any Field Day setups in my local area this time. I'm not much of a contest guy, but I usually like to check out the setups. Not much to see in my local area this year. Neat that you and your brother got to go out. Maybe next year I’ll do a backyard field day :)

- Bill - KA6KBC

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W3NRL's Blog Post - 5/16/2008 8:12:19 AM

Field Day PLans

OK this year for field my brother and I have plans to go to higher elevation to northern PA in the mountains where we have family still in that area. The Equipment that we are planning to bring 2 - Icom 706mkiig's, 2-laptops, several wire antennas, tuners, plus what ever we can bring as far as tables, chairs..etc.. The area we picked out is not far from a restaurant that I used to owned in the past (last year).
Anyway what plans do you have if any for field day this year?
Let me know and we can share notes when we get back.
thanks for reading
best of 73 de
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W3NRL's Blog Post - 2/15/2008 3:14:48 PM

what dx contacts have you made

Made some nice dx contacts today
Vp6dx, 4z5la, j79pn,ea8ak,& 8r1ak
nice day for contact dx
will try later..
let me know what your dx contacts were
thank you for reading my site
73 de
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W3NRL's Blog Post - 1/24/2008 4:31:29 AM

Comments are welcome

I build my own antennas, I have made several beams in the past. now i have several wire antennas, i made a windom and used that for several years then i was really interested in the Carolina windom so with the help of Radioworks - wrote Jim and made a Carolina windom and i toggle between windom and Carolina windom and i find the carolina windom has an increase of 3-4db cause of the vertical drop as for the making contact yes on some dx station no problem then with the other dx i toggle to the windom and make the contact.. i made the contact with J5C the other day with the Carolina and the windom no way .....
OH let me say that both antennas are up the same footage and set for Europe/Africa.
i just have making these antennas and trying to make the contact that i can with a somewhat challenge as to using the beams which i have taken down and are sitting on the ground behind the shed.
So tell me of your antenna(s)!!!
Comment from 10/26/2008 10:54:02 PM
Hi Nick,

Saw your project note on the Tak-Tenna. Wonder what you have seen so far ? I did a simalar Test.

There is also some interesting stuff at these links below also:


Bill - KA6KBC

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W3NRL's Blog Post - 1/4/2008 9:00:52 AM

Time for band scanning

Ok, now that the holidays are over it's time for the radios and band scanning and chasing the DX.
Hope to QSO with you on the bands
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W3NRL's Blog Post - 12/27/2007 7:38:17 AM

Happy Holidays

To all that reads this site .....
Happy Holidays and very best of the new year in 2008
Comment from W9SRK 12/27/2007 12:40:45 PM
Happy Holidays and a safe New Year to you as well!

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W3NRL's Blog Post - 12/17/2007 6:38:38 AM

Items for sale

If you are interested in any item for sale let me know.
thank you for reading my site
happy holidays
best of 73
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W3NRL's Blog Post - 12/6/2007 9:14:19 PM

Watch out for these guy ----- scammers on the loose

Name: steven paul
Callsign: NONE

The response is:

Hello Advertiser,
Am highly interesting in urgent purchase of your item, but before we proceed in this transaction i will like you to answer the following questions.
1. Can you accept payment through cashier check,money order or bank certified check?.
2. Can you allow a global shipping company to come for the pick up of the item?.
3. What is the final asking prize of the item?
So kindly get back to me with the full name and address of the place you want the check to be ordered to.However, I hope to hear back from you soon...

Please kindly reply to my private email box for my own security purpose and the email is ok hope to hear from you soonest

Best regard

This guy left an email address and name i dont know if it his real name or email address
becareful guys
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W3NRL's Blog Post - 12/6/2007 4:25:39 PM

looking for solid state amp - need your advice

Ok guys looking for a solid state amp that covers all hf bands, What you think? i would like to hear from you
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W3NRL's Blog Post - 11/26/2007 7:14:13 AM


Anyone have any feed back on how i can improve my site.. please any help i would count on or if you just want to sign in to let me know you where here
thank de w3nrl
Comment from W3NRL 12/6/2007 4:21:22 PM
ok guys whats a good solid state amp that covers all hf bands? any comment i would like to hear
de w3nrl

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