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Nick Lerro
General Class
W3NRL Ham Since 2000
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
i started my ham radio hobby back in 1986 and dropped out for many years and started back into the hobby in 2000 and started getting my shack back the way i wanted.
I used most aspects of the hobby from ssb,digital & cw and talked to ISS several times ( these qso are recorded )i also like talking using the Birds ( Satellites ).
Also enjoy making my own antennas, i have build beams and really love making wire antennas.

My equipment has changed through out the years as did all of us in the hobby:
from ft-2000 ft-101e, ft-101zd, Icom706mkiig, Ts-d700d, ic 2800, ts-2000, ts-570, icom 756pro, Ten-Tec Jupiter and many HT's ( too many to list )
plus W2IHY audio EQ and the EQ PLUS, countless Mics from HEIL..and now with Ten Tec 707 mic
i am sure many of us have a list similar to this one and it goes on and on and on.
I've sold many and replaced the ones i sold as my interest changes with the hobby i get different equipment

Other Interests
My other interest is Classic cars, my baby is 1969 ply RoadRunner ( class #1). I had several muscle cars in the past years.

I have belong to many clubs in the past now i don't really have the time for them.
I Spend most of my time on the radio and working.

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W8STU STUART W. UNDERWOOD SR. Group, Association or Club160 Request Connection
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W6QT Michael Koffler Other110 Request Connection