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Bob Peters
Extra Class
W1PE Ham Since 1958
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
My main interest in Ham Radio is Vintage gear and great audio. I take pains to create good audio with no distortion and run high quality audio gear.

FT-2000 W Drake L-7 Amp. Audio is an EV PE-20 into a SHARK DSP Pre-AMP into a ULTRA CURVE PRO EQ to a W2IHY iBOX to the rear mic input. Running the FT2000 in 4KHZ Mode ESSB.

Gates BC1G Broadcast transmitter W SX-101 and 51J2 receivers. Audio is an Heil PR-40 into an Alesus Mixer. EQ into a UREI Limiter to the Gates. Gates is a pair of 833's High Level Modulated witha pair of 833's. I am running about 125% positive peaks and 95% negative peaks monitored with a professional Mod Monitor. With the Spectrum Analizer not more the 6 KHZ wide.

Other Vintage equipment as well...

Other Interests
I am an Ambasider for the US ARMY Freedom Team Salute which honors all US ARMY Vets and there family's. Contact me if you are a US Army vet aor Family of a deceased US ARMY Vet and I will get you your package.

HAM of Mesquite, TX, DARC, QCWA, AMI, DAV, and ARRL Diamond Club.

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