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Barry Toseland
Standard Class
VK3MIB Australia

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My Ham Radio Interests
Brief History:

I was introduced to amateur radio way back in the mid 1970's by two local amateurs at the time who are now silent key, the first was a local business man who run all Collins equipment and I would listen to him for long period on an old Army receiver that I bought from a surplus store. The second gentleman was closer to home and was quite a remarkable amateur and really peaked my interest. Have been involved in radio communications off and on over the last 35 years, but its been in the last 15 years I have become to make some serious in roads into the hobby.

Location: (Lat -38.097042, Lon 144.326003, QF21dv )

Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria with a population approx 250,000 and located approximately 75 kilometers south west of the capital Melbourne. I am located approximately 8 kms from Geelong CBD where I overlook the city and the bay. This is advantageous for HF , VHF & UHF operation.


HF antennas Doublet antenna fed with balanced feedline at 30 feet.

23cm, at this time with a 2/910H on this band and two grid pack dishes, one horizontal and one vertical.

Currently work a colleague on 23cm who is approximately 90 kilometers east of me with constant signals of around 59+20, summer conditions can provide FSD with 1w.

40 m as a HF band holds my interest and generally weekends I can be found at the top end of the band from 7.1500 upwards.

Active on 80, 40,20,2(FM & SSB), 70cm, 23cm(FM & SSB).

The Shack:

Due to the equipment I have formed the op's desk into an L shape one side is dedicated to V/UHF operations the other side to HF operations

My motto : FORTI NIHIL DIFFICILE - "To the Strong Nothing is Difficult."




COLLINS: 32S3A, 75S3B,62S1, 30L-1
ICOM: 910H x 2


HF Doublet -(Homebrew)

14 element 2m Yagi (SSB)

3element 2m Yagi ( FM ) - (Homebrew)

Half wave vertical dipole for 6m ( Homebrew )

2 x Diamond Verticals for 2m / 70cm

2 x 23cm dish ( 1 FM & 1 SSB )

Other Interests
First and foremost my family and then when I am in the shack which is located away from the house, life's little indulgences (budget permitting and XYL !) Cuban Cigars, Single Malt Scotch, Imported British and Belgium Beer.

I enjoy the challenge of this hobby attempting to construct items and experiment, I feel we as a hobby have become far to reliant on the off the shelf mentality instead where possible have a go at constructing things eg; powers supplies, antennas, accessories etc.

Family man with 3 daughters and a son, 3 dogs and a guinea pig ! not as crowded as you may think, the girls have all left home just the son now at home. I am employed with the State Government and my wife works for local government.

My motto : NIHIL FORTI DIFFICILE - "To the Strong Nothing is Difficult."

None at this time.

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