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Abdul Hamlan
General Class
N7JBH Ham Since 1984
United States

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Other Callsigns
KA7UDW-Novice, Technician.

My Ham Radio Interests
Main Home rig is a Yaesu FT-840 with LDG-11MP autotuner feeding an Alpha-Delta DXCC multi band dipole, highly compromised in the attic up about 15'.. Still works fairly well, considering.
Like to collect/restore old Novice CW rigs from the 1950's.. It's a wonder anybody made any contacts with the equipment back then.. Selectivity as wide as a barn door, frequency drift, rock bound XMTRs, DPDT knife switch for antenna switch over.. I've actually made contacts with my boatanchors, but it was alot of work, after being spoiled with modern state of the art rigs.

Yaesu FT-840, Patcomm PC-9000, Atlas 210X, Alda 103, MFJ-9040, MFJ 9020, Tecsun PL-600, Vectronics 1W 40M CW transmitter kit, Heathkit AT-1, Heathkit DX-20, Knight T-50, Johnson Viking Adventurer, Homebrew 6AG7/6L6 CW transmitter, Hallicrafters S-38, Hallicrafters S-38C, Hallicrafters S-53A, Hallicrafters S-41G, Echophone EC-1, Lafayette HE-10, Lafayette KT-320, Lafayette HE-63, National SW-54

Other Interests
Flying-1500hrs TT CP SEL MEL IA, Guns, '95 Harley Dyna, Reading, plastic models, Scuba diving.

Work as an electronics technician for a defence contractor to the US Air Force at Nellis AFB, specialize in ground-to-air radio communications.


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Atlas 210X with Turner desk mike
Atlas 210X with Turner desk mike

N7JBH's Blog Post - 1/30/2010 10:13:56 AM

Longest distance mile-per-watt QSO...

Hi all, HF propagation characteristics never cease to amaze me. I was listening to 10 meters one day (at work!) and heard a QSO going on between two Australians, apparently talking to each other across the same town in Australia. I jumped in there and got a 5/7 report from VK4EJ, Bernie in New Queensland.. My QTH is Las Vegas, NV, my rig was a President HR-2600 running 25W SSB into a 1/4 wave ground plane vertical. That's 25 measly watts going across the Pacific ocean, the largest body of water on the planet! If you have an amazing story like this, I would really like to hear it.
Comment from W4KQB 4/6/2010 9:56:50 PM
Abdul-thanks for writing on my page. Go to W4KQB and see what I wrote to you.

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N7JBH's Blog Post - 1/24/2010 7:00:51 PM

If you could only operate one band, which one would it be?

If I could only use one amateur band, it would be 40 meters, hands down. 24 hr propagation, regional during the day, DX at night. Not affected by Sunspot cycles, or lack thereof, as much as the higher bands. Only drawbacks are the need for a really big antenna, and SW BC station QRM at night.
Comment from VE3TMT 1/24/2010 7:29:29 PM
For me it would be 20m. Nice wide band, lots of CW, PSK, RTTY and SSB activity. Good for local communications as well as DX. And no broadcast stations to dodge.


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N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:53:26 AM


N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:47:21 AM

Text messaging 1950's style
Text messaging 1950's style

N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:45:25 AM

The warm glow of a 6L6 on a winter night
The warm glow of a 6L6 on a winter night

N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:44:26 AM

DX-20 and SW-54
DX-20 and SW-54

N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:43:11 AM

T-50 and HE-10
T-50 and HE-10

N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:40:34 AM

Bookcase display
Bookcase display

N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:38:54 AM

Oldie but goody.
Oldie but goody.

N7JBH Uploaded a Picture - 1/24/2010 10:35:42 AM

At the dog park March 2007
At the dog park March 2007

N7JBH Joined My Ham Shack - 1/24/2010 7:42:10 AM

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