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Steve Hitchcock
Extra Class
KJ6N Ham Since 1973
United States

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Other Callsigns
Previous call signs: KK6KJ, N6TOA, KB6ZCW, WN6WHA

My Ham Radio Interests
My radio interests are 10 meters with qrp radios.
I have a number of converted cb gear from the late 70's
On am, ssb, and even FM, i get a real kick out of making
Contacts thousands of miles away with these
Very simple radios. I started out on tube cb radios
With my dad. He had one of the first cb licenses in the
Early 1960's KFC1274 we lived on a hill in Millbrae on the peninsula
And had a clear shot to the whole bay area.

I was first licensed in hi school as a novice.
I did not get active until I was re licensed as a novice
With voice privileges KB6ZCW. I used to be much more
Active on 10 FM and 6 FM. I am getting more active
And have interest in local QSO's on 10 meters and 6 meters
Of any mode. I would like to generate interest
Again using these bands. Not for just DX but for
Local use as well. I monitor with a uniden hr-2510
And Motorola Micor on 10 FM, it's my 1adam 12 radio.

I am active on d-star reflector 001C during the day also
And I monitor KU6V repeater on 444.900 + pl 110.9

Take care and hope to chat with you on the radio sometime.

73's. Steve

Icom 729, various ht's and converted 11 meter gear to 10 meters.

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