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Taft Spence
Technician Class
KJ4NNB Ham Since 2009
United States

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Davidson Co. ARES

Yaesu FT 2800
HTX 100 10M
Yaesu FT 60
Yaesu VX 170
MFJ 949 Tuner
Astron Power Supply

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Looking to get into HF soon.
Comment from N0VF 1/9/2011 7:10:34 AM
Get er done Taft! I studied and got my tech and general at one sitting. A lot of the general was on the tech so you really only have to put a little extra effort into it. Get on those practice tests!
I'm not a smart guy either, dropped out of high school twice and no college. Just smart enough to know how to work hard... but I'm enjoying the hobby so far...

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