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KI6POW - William Dirck

William Dirck
General Class
KI6POW Ham Since 2009
United States

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KI6POW's Ham Shack

Callsign KI6POW
Name William Dirck
Country United States
License Class General
Been a Ham Since 2009
Joined 06/19/2010
Viewed 2832 times

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A letter to MFJ from KI6POW 6/19/2010 12:06:57 PM (3569 views) (0 comments)

Well, I might have known. I've ordered the higher priced model. Then I thought by ordering the less expensive model without the meter would increase my chances at recieving it soon. But it's clear to me that you folks are pobabaly covering-up some facts about your rotten Chinese workmanship. I've read several reviews about some of your oth ...

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