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Fritz Kocher
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I started out back in 1981 at Texas A&M Unversity under the guidance of our Electronics Teacher/Advisor. I joined the W5AC Amateur Radio Club on campus and participated in 2 field days. I had a Yaesu 7R? (2m with a microprocessor!). It had 3 LED segments. Anyway, graduated had kids and let the license lapse. I just picked re-tested and got my general license here in Austin, TX. I use a Yaesu FT857D.


Other Interests
Electronics, Scouts, motorcycles.


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updated 2017
updated 2017

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Working Digital on 20m and 40m

Using my FT-857 @ 100W, I have been able to reach Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Ohio, and Canada from central Texas. The antenna a portable whip antenna OPEK 400 (multiple tab coil). set inside my 2 story home. Can't wait to put it outside or on the Yukon and see how much less power I need to reach the same contacts? What is the average power one should expect to use to get to those location (about 1,000 miles)?

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KF5GMK Uploaded a Picture - 8/13/2010 8:06:12 PM

tuner, power supply, radio, and rigrunner
tuner, power supply, radio, and rigrunner

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my shack
my shack

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KF5GMK in the flesh
KF5GMK in the flesh

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