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I became deaf a few years ago so my phone ops have pretty much disappeared. I am trying to get into digital such as PSK31, RTTY and CW via a computer and an interface. I am currently setting up a end fed antenna since I live in a resticted area for antennas

An old but mint Icom IC-730. All my other 2 meter stuff is packed away for now since my hearing loss prevents my using them.

Other Interests
Photography, Computers, RC airplanes

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KE4BE's Blog Post - 7/30/2012 10:35:21 AM

Deaf Ham

Recently lost my hearing and thought that was the end of my Ham radio days. Folks at Signal Link told my about PSK31 and I now have a station that doesnt need sound for QSOs. Just fininshed installing a ground rod for my end fed antenna. I am using an old but cherry Icom IC-730 Xcver with the Signal Link connected to a home brew PC. I am tuning the antenna with a MFJ-904 tuner and I am using Digipan software. So far so good. I ham receiving many nice signals but I have yet to xmit since I am still learnig how to use the software. I saw Randy W7AGE tutorlials on youtube but thats the extent of it. I only saw it since I cannot hear. I think I got most of what was happening so in time I will get on the air.
Any other deaf hams out there? If so I would like to hear about your experiences and modes you are using.
73s Don - KE4BE
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