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KC9OHZ - Ally Waldron

Ally Waldron
Technician Class
KC9OHZ Ham Since 2008
United States

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Other Interests
4 wheelers, making quilts, just relaxing


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Callsign KC9OHZ
Name Ally Waldron
Country United States
License Class Technician
Been a Ham Since 2008
Joined 03/06/2009
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Other Interests
4 wheelers, making quilts, just relaxing

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recovery 5/17/2009 7:35:35 PM (2960 views) (1 comments)

Well on May 8th we has a storm (been called many things) We were without power for a few days. I will tell you one thing, my husbands homemade tower withstood the crazy wind that was said to be 100 miles an hour. I am proud of him.
I have ordered plates (my call sign) for my car, the hubby has his call sign on the truck.
I am not on th ...

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