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KB1LJJ - Ed Hendershaw

Ed Hendershaw
General Class
KB1LJJ Ham Since 2005
United States

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Callsign KB1LJJ
Name Ed Hendershaw
Country United States
License Class General
Been a Ham Since 2005
Joined 01/28/2009
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Winter All Over Again 1/29/2009 12:09:20 PM (2991 views) (1 comments)

Hello Fellow Hams.
This is my first blog here on My Ham Shack. Like many places on earth we have winter in New England. This has been the worst I've seen in years December brought the the BIG ICE took down all my antennas but one wire no power for 14 day's Try hand cranking a gen set to stay on the air Hi HI. But we learned a valuable lesson, ...

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